Startups affiliated with IIT Kanpur develop ‘PADMAVATI’ device to check water quality

‘PADMAVATI’ uses colorimetric test strip and smartphone technology to test water quality
This device is eco friendly
This device works on electrodes, optical PCBs and batteries

2 startups affiliated with IIT Kanpur have developed a ‘PADMAVATI’ device to check water quality. Earth Face Analytics Pvt. Ltd. and Kritsnam Technology Pvt. Ltd. have teamed up with IIT Kanpur to develop this torch-like device. With its help water quality can be known in just 2 minutes.

‘PADMAVATI’ uses the colorimetric test strip and smartphone technology to test water quality. With this technology, the device simultaneously gives the results of several factors to check the water quality in just 2 minutes. The special thing about this device is that it is eco friendly.

How this device works

  • A little water has to be added to the nozzle above the device for the sample.
  • The device then automatically completes all tests.
  • The water quality results are displayed on the device in a digital color strip attached to it.
  • The device runs on electrodes, optical PCBs, and batteries.
  • It also has WiFi and Bluetooth for connectivity.
  • Startups have also filed a patent for this device.

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