PM Modi gave an App Innovation challenge to the youth of the country

The Indian government has not only banned 59 Chinese apps in response to China’s moves, but also plans to make India ‘self-sufficient’. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday tweeted that he was going to launch the self-reliant India Application Innovation Challenge. PM Modi wrote, “Today there is a huge enthusiasm in the tech and startup community to create ‘Made in India’ apps. That’s why @GoI_MeitY and @AIMtoInnovate are launching the Innovation Challenge together. ‘

“If you have a product or if you think you have the vision and ability to do something good, join the tech community,” Modi said. Prime Minister Modi has expressed his views on LinkedIn.

India puts a rock on China’s big earnings

The Indian government has banned many Chinese apps that have become very popular in India and were making big money. The government took this step after seeing China’s arrogance on the border and found flaws in these apps. After India’s decision, China went berserk. Chinese applications banned by India include TikTok and UC Browser, which are very popular in India. The rock has been placed amid the Indo-China border dispute in the Galwan Valley in eastern Ladakh.

Arriving in Ladakh, PN Modi showed a mirror to China

China often tries to expand its borders because of its expansionist policy. This led to a violent clash with Indian troops in the Galvan Valley of Ladakh. Twenty Indian soldiers were killed in the clashes, while many Chinese soldiers were also killed. On Friday, Prime Minister Modi arrived in Ladakh and encouraged the troops and also showed a mirror to China. During a meeting with the wounded soldiers, the Prime Minister said, “India has never bowed down or bowed down.”

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