‘Atmanirbhar Bharat App Innovation Challenge’, Participate and win Rs 20 lakh

Get a prize of up to Rs 20 lakh by participating in the government’s ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat App Innovation Challenge’

Applications for this challenge can be submitted until July 26
Applications can be made in a total of 8 categories including social networking, e-learning, entertainment, health, and wellness.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the challenge on July 4 to reduce the reliance on foreign apps and bring the indigenous app to the world-class level.

The Central Government launched the ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat App Innovation Challenge’ on July 4 to bring Indian apps to the world-class level. Seeing the interest of startups and IT entrepreneurs, the government has now extended the date of the competition. Earlier, the deadline was July 18. Now it has been extended to July 26. The Ministry of Electronics and IT made the announcement on Friday.

There will be a prize of Rs 20 lakh

The first-place winner will get Rs 20 lakh, second place winner will get Rs 15 lakh and third place winner will get Rs 10 lakh. Sarv Webs of Jaipur, PeopleLink of Hyderabad, and Techgentsia of Kerala. The government has selected 3 indigenous companies participating in the competition for a prize of Rs 20 lakh.

Winners of the challenge include Aria Telecom of Ghaziabad, VideoMeet of Jaipur, VacSetu of Delhi, and Joho of Chennai. If you also want your start-up company to be rewarded, you can go to the App Challenge website and participate. Click here for more information, including the conditions for it.

Challenge in 8 categories

The government has categorized 8 categories under this challenge. Three winners will be announced for each category.

This category includes Office Productivity and Work from Home, Social Networking, E-Learning, Entertainment, Health & Wellness, Business Including Architect & Fintech, News & Games. So far, the government has received 286 applications in the health category.

339 applications have been received in e-learning, 414 in social networking, 136 in sports, 238 in office productivity and work from home, 75 in news and 96 for entertainment. Apart from this 389 applications have been made in other categories also. Out of 2000 applications received by the government for video conferencing, 12 have been selected.

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