Amazon has created a ‘smart cart’, no line, no cashier

Amazon has created a ‘smart cart’ where customers don’t have to stand in line at shopping malls and payments happen without a cashier.

Soon customers will no longer have to stand in long lines to pay their shopping bills at shopping malls. E-commerce company Amazon has created a smart cart for consumers. This smart cart will buy without you and the customer will not have to wait in a long line of bill payment.

The Amazon company has started bringing new techniques into the shopping store business. The company is testing the smart cart with the help of this store. However, the company is currently using this technique in its own store, but if it sells this technique in the market, other companies will also benefit.

Created a list on the handle of this smart cart, scanning it will reveal the entire list of items. Then all the items in the list will come in the cart with computer vision and sensor and the bill will be paid on the counter without the cashier. This smart cart is designed for small to medium list. It can hold two bags. Smart Cart also features a coupon scanner.

However, the company’s advantage is that this service will save the customer time as well as the risk of theft of private information. Online payments already carry the risk of data theft and this type of technology can increase the risk due to card payments.

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