Real-me product, check whether it is original or not

A lot of fake real-me devices are being found in the market, in such a situation, alerting buyers, CEO Madhav Seth has tweeted and informed about this. Madhav Seth has also asked buyers to verify by visiting the official website of his reality product company. If you also have a real device then you can verify it.

If you are going to buy a Realme product or are already using it, then it is not necessarily original. If you want to check whether your Reality product is real or not, Madhav Seth, CEO of Reality Mobiles India has given the way for this. Giving a warning about fake reality products being sold in the market, Seth said that users can verify the original product and this can be done easily.

Madhav Seth said on his official Twitter account that legal action can be taken by the company at shops and stores selling fake reality products. On microblogging site Twitter, he said, ‘You all be careful! Unauthorized fake reality products are being sold in the market. To prevent this, strict legal action is being taken. Buyers are advised to verify with, the official site of the original production company.

Fake product in the market

This is not the first time fake devices have been sold in the market or on websites. Even before this, buyers have been advised by Realme to avoid fraud while buying devices. Earlier, a website surfaced selling fake reality products. The company had said, “It has been revealed that a fake website named has been created, which is seeking franchise partnership. This is not a reality-linked site and legal action will be taken on it.

Verify online

Buyers can verify their products by visiting the official site of Reality. Last year, a similar case of fake Xiaomi devices was also exposed and fake devices worth lakhs of rupees were seized by the company by raiding many places. Brands such as Xiaomi, Realme, Oppo, Vivo, and OnePlus offer users the option of online product verification, which can be used to find out if their product is genuine or not. Users have been advised to verify the device.

Resource/Credit Navabharat times