Online education: hacking cases on education portals tripled

  • The number of hacking cases on education portals tripled between January and March
  • The lockdown is putting more emphasis on online education

We have relied on the online website for most of the work in the lockdown imposed due to the Corona epidemic. There is a growing emphasis on online education these days. Many education portals have opened. Millions of people are taking online classes. In such a situation, the cases of cyber-attack are also increasing. According to a report released on Saturday, the first three months of 2020 saw a threefold increase in hacking cases on education portals. This cyber-attack has been carried out by Distributed Daniel of Service (DDoS) DDOS.

DDoS is taking advantage of the current situation

According to a report by Cyber ​​Security Caspers, people are currently locked in their homes and dependent on digital devices. At such times Didos is taking advantage of the current situation. The coronavirus epidemic began in January. Meanwhile, cyber-attacks are also on the rise due to the increasing demand for online resources. According to the report, hackers focus on the most important digital services, which are increasingly being used in lockdowns.

What is DDoS?

Such cyberattack hackers send millions of messages to the site at once, causing the site to crash. In this type of attack, if messages are jammed on one network, the other network is also overloaded and people have difficulty opening the site. Internet traffic jams cause people to be slow to open sites, slow down internet speeds, and hack frequently. A similar cyber attack was carried out in Mumbai in 2016. IT company Joister had complained to the Mumbai Police.

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