Now Instagram users can delete up to 25 comments at once, users can also choose who can tag in a post.

  • New update launched for both Android and iOS
  • The company launched a new feature to address issues such as cyberbullying
  • Launch of many features including block comment deletion, tagging, pin comment

Facebook-owned photo and video-sharing social networking service Instagram has launched a new update and feature to combat problems like cyberbullying. The company has released this update to make its social media platform more secure. The company wrote in its blog that it will release the fifth edition of the Community Standards Enforcement Report, which will review our steps to make Facebook and Instagram more secure. The company has launched several features including bulk comment deletion, tagging, pinned comment.

Two dozen comments together!

With the help of this feature called ‘Delete Comment in Bulk’, the user will be able to delete 25 comments simultaneously. This will benefit the user with more followers. iOS users will be able to use it by clicking on the dotted icon. Manage on it, go to comment, select one by one comment and delete it.

Block comments and accounts

This feature was also in a previous update. However, this new feature will allow the user to block comments and accounts in bulk. For this, iOS users can block the account in bulk by going to Manage Comments. Android users will have to press and hold on the comment and go to the dotted icon and select the block option.

The user will also be able to choose who can tag in the post

To prevent online bullying, the company has also launched a feature on who can tag users in the post for the privacy of the user. The user can choose any one of the three options ‘Everyone’, ‘Only People You Follow’ and ‘No One’ and decide who can tag and mention it in the post.

Pinned comment

They also added a Pinned Comment feature to promote a positive experience. With the help of this feature, the user can give priority to the comment in his post and pin it.

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