The University of Russia completed all trials of Corona vaccine

During the trial, it was seen whether the vaccine strengthens the human body’s immune system.
Russia’s Sechenov University claims human trials of the vaccine were successful, with the first trial starting on June 18 and the second on June 23.
Russia-based pharma company R-Pharma also recently developed drug Coronavir, approved for human use.

Russia’s Sechenov University claims to have developed the world’s first corona vaccine. It has been named Gam-COVID-Vac Lyo. According to the university, the trial of the vaccine on humans has been successful. “Our goal was to successfully develop the vaccine for human protection,” said Alexander Lukashev, director of the Institute of Medical Parasitology, Tropical and Vector Borne Disease at Sachnov University.

According to Alexander, the vaccine has been tested for safety reasons. It will be available in the market soon,

The trial was successful

According to Vadim Tarasov, director of the Institute for Translation Medicine and Biotechnology, the Gamley Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology has developed the vaccine. Sechenov University began the trial on June 18. Which has been successful. According to Russia’s TASS news agency, the first trial of the vaccine began on June 18 with the participation of 18 volunteers. The second phase of the trial began on June 23, in which 20 volunteers were vaccinated.

Russia develops drug ‘Coronavir’

Recently, the Russian pharma company R-Pharma has also developed a new drug to treat . The new antiviral drug is named coronavir. The drug was approved for use in the treatment of Kovid-19 patients after a clinical trial. The company claims that the drug works more effectively on corona patients. Coronavir inhibits virus replication (increase in the number of viruses).

The company claims, it eradicates the virus

The company claims that Coronavir is the first drug in the country to be used exclusively for the treatment of patients. Corona cases are on the rise worldwide but the root cause of the problem is the virus. This drug prevents an increasing number of viruses in infected patients.

An improvement of 55% was observed

According to the Russian pharma company R-Pharma, during the clinical trial, patients with Covinavir and other therapy-drugs were compared with . The report found that patients taking a new drug had 55 more improvements compared to other drugs and therapies.

The company claims that the drug targets the disease instead of focusing on the symptoms of . The difference was realized 14 days after patients were given this drug. The clinical trial found that coronavirus was not found in 77.5 percent of patients on the fifth day of coronavirus administration.

The trial of the vaccine began on June 18

The university began trials of the vaccine on June 18. It has been prepared in collaboration with the Russian Ministry of Defense and the Gamlei National Research Center for Epidemiology.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, all the volunteers involved in the trial were feeling well. They did not have any side effects. He was admitted to the Burdenko Military Hospital, where the research protocol was fully complied with.

Mord’s company has also tested the vaccine on humans

The American company Mord’s has also tested on the vaccine in humans. The company completed the journey from getting the genetic code needed for the vaccine to the trial on humans in just 42 days. For the first time, he began trials on humans before animals.

The vaccine was first given on March 16 at the Kaiser Permanente Research Facility in Seattle to a 43-year-old woman named Jennifer, a mother of two. The first trial involved 45 healthy people between the ages of 18 and 55.