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China drops bombs on US airbases!

China drops bombs on US airbases! Strict warning to US by sharing video

Amid ongoing tensions with the US, China has released a fake video of an attack on the US naval base Guam in the Pacific Ocean. The Chinese People’s Liberation Army Air Force used its own H-6 nuclear bomber in the attack. The Chinese military has also released a fake video of the attack, showing its H-6 bomber dropping a bomb on a US Anderson Air Force base.

2 minute and a 15-second video of the Chinese Air Force

The video was uploaded Saturday to the People’s Liberation Army Air Force’s Weibo account. The 2-minute, 15-second video of the Chinese Air Force looks like a trailer for a Hollywood movie, showing a Chinese H-6 bomber flying over an Air Force base in the desert. The video goes on to say that the god of war is going on an H-6 attack. The video further shows a Chinese Air Force pilot pressing a button in the sky and the missile falling on a runway built along the coast. The satellite is pictured as the missile collides with the runway. The runway resembles the US Naval Base Guama Anderson Air Force Base. The Chinese Air Force has also experimented with a variety of music in this video.

China warns the US

The PLAAF released the video with the caption, “We are the guardians of the air security of the motherland. We have always had the confidence and capability to protect the skies of our homeland. ” Colin Koh, a research fellow at the Institute of Defense and Strategic Studies in Singapore, said China had released the video for a specific purpose. The purpose of releasing this video of China is to demonstrate its ability to strike at long distances. Through this video, China warns the United States to stay away from disputes in Taiwan and the South China Sea.

Guam Naval Base is the largest U.S. military base near China

Guam Naval Base in the Pacific Ocean is the largest U.S. military base near China. With the help of this naval base, the US monitors the movements of China as well as North Korea. Amid rising tensions with China, the United States has deployed a number of modern aircraft, along with troop numbers, to the Guam naval base. Within minutes, US bombers could bomb several Chinese military bases in the South China Sea.