Canada deal with AstraZeneca for 20M doses of COVID vaccine

Canada deal with AstraZeneca for 20M doses of COVID vaccine

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced on Friday that the federal government had reached an agreement with AstraZeneca, which considered the company one of the leading vaccine candidates against COVID-19.

The deal with AstraZeneca will give Canada access to 20 million doses of its vaccine if it proves to be safe and effective.

The candidate for AstraZeneca named AZD1222 has been one of the fastest vaccines against COVID-19 to progress through clinical trials.

The European Union, the US, and other countries have already reached an agreement with AstraZeneca on hundreds of millions of dodges, if and when it is approved. The company said its total manufacturing capacity is two billion doses.

Oxford established an independent review committee and the U.K. Stated that the regulator was safe to resume.

This is the sixth vaccine deal by the federal government in Canada, pending approval from all in Canada. Other Canadian companies have entered into deals with Sanofi, GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson, NovaWax, Pfizer and Modern.

Canada is donating another $ 220 million to the COVAX Advance Market Commitment, which will help low and middle-income countries purchase vaccine supplements. The federal government has already given $ 25 million to the program.