Brain-Eating Amoeba In Brazosport Water

Brain-Eating Amoeba In Brazosport Water

Brain-eating amoeba, commonly known as the “Naegleria fowleri”, is a species of the genus Naegleria, belonging to Phylum Percolozoa, which is not technically classified as true amoeba, But there is a shaped amoeboflagellate excavation.

It is a free-antibacterial, bacterial-eating microorganism that can be pathogenic, leading to a very rare fulminant (sudden and severe) and fatal brain infection, known as nagralysis, which is characterized by primary amoebic meningophilitis Is also called.

AUSTIN, TX – The presence of brain-eating amoeba Nejlia Fowlerley in the water supply to Brainsport Water Authority users was advised late Friday night to “not use” the water plant in the service area of ​​the plant.

The Water Authority said that it was reported at 10 a.m. about a possible primary amoebic meningoencephalitis. Friday. The statement said TCEQ asked the authority to issue a “Do Not Use” advisory for whoever supplies the water.

This advisor covers the entire service area of ​​the Texas Water Authority – including the city of Lake Jackson; free port; Angleton; Brazoria; Richwood; Oyster Creek; Clute; And Rosenberg. The water plant is located at the Dome Chemical Company as well as the Clemens and Wayne Scott prison units, which are located southwest of Houston and southwest of Houston, respectively, with the Texas Environmental Quality Advisory Commission at 10:45 p.m. First released. on Friday.

The officials’ advisor wrote, “The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, under the direction of the Governor’s Office, is working with the Brajosport Water Authority.”