Azerbaijani vs Artsakh military attack

Azerbaijani vs Artsakh military attack

On behalf of Azerbaijan, Prime Minister Nicole Pashinan said that this attack has been carried out in the direction of Artsakh.

He said that the defense force is successfully understanding the attacks. The situation is evolving, and further information will be provided, he said.

The Prime Minister urged to rely only on official sources and avoided giving rival information in the flow.

The defense forces successfully faced the attack. The situation is actively evolving, the information will be summarized and reported, ”said Pashinan, urging him to rely only on official information.

“Let us stand firmly in a position to protect our state, our army, our holy motherland. And we will win. Long live the magnificent Armenian army! Long live the Armenian state! Long live the Armenian people! “Pashinyan wrote.

“May we be strong in our position to protect our position, our military, and our sacred homeland. And we will win. The Armenian Army, the pride of the Armenian state and the pride of the Armenians,” P.M.

Armenian Prime Minister Nicholas Pashinian wrote on the Facebook page that the enemy launched an offensive attack in Disha Kalashak.

To note, the first Major-Basic Jalal Harutuyan, Minister of Defense, Leader of the Defense Forces, who was informed by Azerbaijan forces that Azerbaijan had indeed carried out an attack in the direction of Artsakh, bombed civilian settlements, which included Capital Stepanakert.

According to the report of the Prime Minister of Armenia, Adversary launched a military offensive against Artsakh.

“The defense force is successfully facing the attack. The condition is under operative development. The information will be summarized when needed, “Pashinyan composed,”: I only believe in official sources and should be cautious not to lean on the enemy’s road of information sources. “

“Be in a position to protect our sacred motherland, behind our state and military. We will win, ”the PM wrote on Facebook.