work from home

90% Of People Want To Work From Home

Most employees have been working from home for the past 6 months due to the coronavirus epidemic and lockdown. 80% of them are facing technical problems.

According to Limelight Network’s research ‘The New Norm for Work’, most of the people surveyed find work from home comfortable and want to work from home for a long time. 90% of people consider themselves more productive in the work from home. However 30% of people say they have to work overtime.

Internet speed problem

82% of the people surveyed believe that they are facing technical problems while working. So the frustration is growing. The biggest problem is the speed of the internet, which makes it difficult to upload and download files. And there is also a problem with zoom calls. 42% of people surveyed complained of an internet connection.

Social media became a problem

According to the report, professionals in India are more prone to this type of problem than other countries. This is because countries like America and Europe do not have a tradition of working from home. People work from home in bad weather. 75% of people complained about social media destruction.

India is going through a unique time of digital transformation

“India is going through a unique time of digital transformation,” said Ashwin Rao, Country Director, Limelight Network. Companies that are out of the country due to work from home have fewer opportunities, but they can invest in improving infrastructure. So whatever the problem is, it can be solved. Most professionals choose to work from home. So content delivery networks can be a good tool to improve online work experiences.