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‘Zoey’s Extraordinary Christmas’: Watch the festive first trailer for the Christmas movie (exclusive)

'Zoey's Extraordinary Christmas': Watch the festive first trailer for the Christmas movie (exclusive)

So the holiday miracle Zoey’s extraordinary Christmas is almost here and only ET is exclusively presenting the first official trailer for the upcoming Roku Channel film!

The graduation film, which five months after NBC canceled the popular musical dramedy after a two-year run, revolves around Zoey (Jane Levy) trying to create a magical Christmas for her family, just like her late father. Mitch (Peter Gallagher), formerly.

In ET’s exclusive two-minute trailer, which features brand new footage (and loads of festive glee!), Jane takes matters into her own hands when she learns that her family and loved ones have made their own separate plans for the vacation – – the first without the Clarke Patriarch. To ensure that her family traditions are upheld, Jane plans an elaborate and very ambitious Christmas party, we just bet things don’t go according to plan.

“Why didn’t you say anything before?” asks Zoey’s mother Maggie (Mary Steenburgen).

“I didn’t know until now that it meant so much to me. I’ll take care of everything, ”promises Zoey. Cut to Zoey with three large blueprints spread out on the dining table and Mo (Alex Newell) watching: “Are we celebrating the holidays or are we robbing a casino?”

But as the trailer reveals, Zoey isn’t on her side the time she tries to get the house festive until Christmas Eve.

And she may have bitten off more than she could chew as Zoey struggles to keep her promise: “It turns out that trying to create prefect Mitch Christmas is harder than I imagined.” Later on, she seems more resigned to the fact that things will be different from now on on vacation, and opens up to Max (Skylar Astin) about her vulnerabilities. “It’s hard to try and hold onto a memory that tight.”

Somehow but things usually work out in the end. “It’s just getting better, I know,” says Zoey hopefully.

Also returning for the film are John Clarence Stewart, Andrew Leeds, Alice Lee, Michael Thomas Grant, Kapil Talwalkar, David St. Louis and Bernadette Peters.

Zoey’s extraordinary Christmas falls Wednesday December 1st on the Roku Canal. The series can be streamed on Roku. Please see below for more information.

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