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Zoe Gottuso’s Anointing, A Genius With Charisma, Freshness, and Closeness

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Just two and a half years ago the Cordoban duo split at Salvascreens Teatro Opera, after a meteoric career that, in less than three years, went from a phenomenon on YouTube to filling theaters across the country.

Last night, across the street and with a capacity that nearly tripled it, Gran Rex was where Zoe Gottuso was Gave his first great vocals as a solo artist,

Zoe Gottuso on her big night at Rex.  Photo: Constance Niskovolos.

Zoe Gottuso on her big night at Rex. Photo: Constance Niskovolos.

Without a doubt, Zoe is one of the new figures on the current landscape, where a generation of musicians are adding their talent and style to the rich history of Argentine rock. There are countless prized names, a handful of which have already demonstrated their cohesive power and reaffirmed their originality with successive hits, for example Knowing Russia, Bandalos Chinos and Zoe Gottuso.

Zoe today is a star with unique and distinctive qualities. On the one hand, of course, she has a melodious and expressive voice, which is ideal for her intimate and fresh songs. but on the other hand There is an overflowing charisma and sympathy, an angel who transmits closeness and creates magic,

a special night

Singing at Gran Rex was not only Zoe’s first significant concert as a solo artist in the capital, but it also took place on her birthday. For this reason, from the moment the lights went out, and throughout the show, his fans began with an affectionate “Happy Birthday”. They also brought heart and moon shaped balloons and banners.

Zoe Gottuso's impressive live performance at the Gran Rex Theatre, with multiple platforms and a mezzanine where the musicians were located.  Photo: Constance Niskovolos

Zoe Gottuso’s impressive live performance at the Gran Rex Theatre, with multiple platforms and a mezzanine where the musicians were located. Photo: Constance Niskovolos

With the room in the dark, and in the blink of an eye here comes the Sun Closed, an echo was heard and the curtain opened. The stage was equipped with a large upper platform and two mezzanines, with the entire tubular structure being decorated with plants and flowers. Behind, a giant video screen and a projection of a giant moon. Above, she appeared, pants, jacket, vest and shirt, all white.

started with another boss, and halfway down the stairs to walk around the stage and dance like Pierrot with his distinctive puppet grace. He closed the song with a partner “Let’s do one more dance, Buenos Aires” and applauded.

only on the fifth subject, after My, addressed the audience who had sold tickets several weeks earlier. but before he my first sad day (with strings from Divergent Quartet on the Highest Stage), already (where he wrapped himself in a multicolored flag thrown on the stage) and nude,

first guest

Zoe Gottuso in Great Rex.  Photo: Constance Niskovolos.

Zoe Gottuso in Great Rex. Photo: Constance Niskovolos.

“Hello! Thank you so much—she said—for being here, I even forget that it’s my birthday. It’s a gift forever. Just enjoy, and I tell myself. I’m calm and I am happy. Presenting this first concert in the capital, Paata Hai and saying goodbye to my album. And I am going to make a new song.”

Thus, with his guitar, he did rose and glory, She later said that on her recent tour, with only her guitarist, she learned to share the stage with someone in the audience, and asked who wanted to go up. love you, his beautiful version of the Jaime Roos classic. They chose a girl named Mikaela and they did it together while sitting on the edge of the stage.

then the loot went up To yesterday I saw you with great collusion and clear friendship between the two of you. This was followed by an instrumental version by Diego Mama. somewhere Over the RainbowWhich gave Zoe time to prepare a surprise: she appeared in the back of the room and walked down the aisle singing on stage give me your heart, People could not believe it, and she was full of sympathy and sincere affection.

This first part of the text closes with Body (from the composition’s mezzanine, with keyboard player, Ariel Polenta) and Amar participated in “A Nice Song That’s Only A Few Months Old”.

Zoe said she wanted to invite Manuel Martinez, “someone who is just starting out and making songs”, but he didn’t want it to play beforehand, preferring to reserve a spot for him in the middle of the concert. And it was like that: Andres Ciro Martínez’s talented daughter came and made we went You secretalone with his guitar.

Zoe Gottuso's big night at Rex.  Photo: Constance Niskovolos.

Zoe Gottuso’s big night at Rex. Photo: Constance Niskovolos.

One more guest and more hits

back on stage, zoe Introduced another friend, Mateo Sujatovich, With whom he shared the Great Rex from Knowing Russia. The room gave them a warm welcome and everyone celebrated the two songs they performed together: if i go You crazy in the desert,

another very famous song was I added From the time of the screensaver. and to hit Studio Apartments in Rajdhani He asked them to turn on the flash of the cell phone and made an unforgettable postcard.

In the end he presented his outstanding band (with Matias Sella, Diego López de Arcoute, En Espil and Sol Melendez), while classic melodies played in the background. song of my heart of Los Abuelos de la Nada, who sang and engaged with him shortly afterwards first quarterWhere everyone put up their posters, on which the moon was printed.

Zoe Gottuso.  Photo: Constance Niskovolos.

Zoe Gottuso. Photo: Constance Niskovolos.

they closed the show the blameBut immediately returned – from the stairs to the dressing room after the live video – to Desire And leave everyone happy and full of music and good vibes. He greeted all the musicians and guests with a theatrical hug, took the inevitable picture with the audience in the background, and played the background music. across the Universe Confirmed that were no more.

A holy night was, without a doubt, full of hits, an enthusiastic audience and a singer and songwriter who is already a figure on the current scene.


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