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ZIVE (EXCLUSIVE) on interviewing ‘Iconic Guest’ Chet Hanks and Season 2 of his Showtime talk show

ZIVE (EXCLUSIVE) on interviewing 'Iconic Guest' Chet Hanks and Season 2 of his Showtime talk show

Ziwe is back with season 2 of her hit self-titled, late-night talk show on Showtime.

Zieve is back with her hilarious and provocative self-titled, late-night talk show, which previously saw her interview the likes of Frank Leibovitz, Ebony Kay Williams and Phoebe Bridgers as they explore cultural appropriation, politics and racial discrimination. The themes surrounding makeup had opened up. real housewives Voting.

In Season 2, which feels even more confident than before, the hosts and comedians take on issues like critical race theory, climate change and celebrity culture as she plays Charlamagne Tha God, Chet Hanks, Emily Ratajkowski, Hannibal Buress, Ilana talks to Glazer. Nicole Bayer.

“There’s every topic around that I really wanted to talk about,” Ziwe told ET’s Denny Directo about the upcoming episode of Season 2, explaining that he’s “important to the fanfare of race theory and the banning of the books.” is “obsessed” with topics like planting” and thinks “climate change is one of the most important issues in our lives.”

So, when it comes to digging into those topics, especially the latter, “why not talk to Ilana Glazer and then strip to raise money against climate change,” she says, referring to a segment Including she and Slim, a dancer and climate activist. Who taught pole dance to the host.

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In the premiere, which is now streaming on the Showtime app before debuting on-air on Sunday, May 1 at 11 p.m. ET/PT, Ziwe and Charlamagne discuss CRT, an expression that “I totally love Not sure people know what this means,” she says.

While the conversation begins on that topic, Zive also calls the radio host and TV personality about her past beef with Lil’ Mama, Mo’Nick, and the other women, the way she does when she calls people out for her. Holds accountable what is said or done.

“What I love about him is that Charlemagne has been in the public eye for decades,” she says. “And so, to find new quotes from her – she’s written two books and she’s really established – and so I had questions for her that she’s never asked before.”

“It’s electric,” she adds in the interview, hoping that audiences will feel the same way.

Of course, he’s not the only one who’s at the receiving end of Zive’s fickle needle. this season, “we bring up a baby and we make [Ilana] about to apologize to a child [climate change] And it’s comedy gold,” she says, talking to Buress about her comments about being a landowner, Bayer “his 19,000 shows” and deux moi about how many black friends she has. Priceless.”

At the end of the day, “it’s a good time,” says the host, explaining that “it’s a really fun loose interview that isn’t anything malicious. It’s just a matter of having interesting conversations and being sensitive and honest and genuine.” is about.”

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One guest that seems almost perfect for the series is Hanks, actor/musician and son of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson who is there to promote their new personal training app. During their unexpectedly wild conversation, Ziwe asked the artist about everything from the fitness guru to the use of Jamaican and other ethnic accents, which he reiterated recently. atlanta Season 3, for her privileged lifestyle, until he flirts with her.

Hanks was originally supposed to appear on the Instagram Live series batted with zive, but the host was eventually able to appear on the talk show after another guest dropped out. “He randomly texted me, like, congratulating me on my work and then I asked him, like, ‘Hey, do you want to do the show? She recalls, explaining that once he was on set, he quickly won over the crew. “The crew turns against me. There is nothing in the video that can capture the way in which they walk away from me and into Chet Hanks’ arms.”

While the host may have lost control of his team — and sometimes Hanks — the interview will go down as one of the most memorable conversations ever seen on a talk show. “I was overjoyed. He was someone I thought would be a coveted guest for years and I think the interview was a coveted interview,” she says, referring to what happened to Hanks “for the interview process.” is a testament.

“Even with Frank last season, you kinda let loose. It’s as funny as you are watching it, moments of restlessness and, like, laughs. That’s how we personally Feel, it’s really silly,” Ziwe says.

season 2 live Debuts on Demand and on the Showtime app every Friday before airing on-air Sunday nights.

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