Zinedine Zidan has said that Kareem Benzema and Vinicius Jr. have cleared things up, as the French striker was apparently caught criticizing his Real Madrid teammates.

TV footage shows Benzema in a full-back Ferrandi stating: “He does what he wants. Don’t go near him, brother. He’s playing against us,” reportedly in words as well as Madrid’s Champions League The game was aimed at half-time with Vinicius. Borussia Monchengladbach.

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Reports in Spain have suggested that Benzema spoke to Vinicius at Thursday’s training session to settle the case.

“The most important thing is that it is clear. The players talked among themselves,” Zidan said at a news conference on Friday. “That is not a problem.

A lot of things are said on the pitch and it stays there. We are a team, we need our energy for other things. It is good sometimes, when these things happen, it means that we are alive. He spoke and it is absolutely correct. .

“No problem, quite the opposite. It happens a lot on the pitch. I’m not saying there’s anything to hide. It’s natural. Later on the players talk to each other, and the next day it all gets forgotten. Is. I know the public. ” The press likes these things, but it happens a lot, in the heat of the moment. It reflects the character of the team. “

Sources close to Vinicius were surprised at Benzema’s comments, telling ESPN that Brazil enjoys playing with the international center-forward and looks down on him.

Coach Zidane denied that the French striker’s image could be affected by the line.

He said, “I don’t think so. Things happen on the pitch, and it stays there.” “The problem nowadays is that we have a lot more cameras than before. It has changed, but it has always happened between players.”

Sources close to the Real Madrid dressing room told ESPN this week that there is some disappointment among teammates and coaches about Vincius’ decision in the final third – though he believes that will improve over time.

The 20-year-old has scored three goals in seven matches so far this season.

Zidan said, “He is young. He has a present and a future in Real Madrid.” “He’s working hard. He’s a guy who wants to learn and improve. It’s good for a coach and a team.”

Zidan – who had a reputation as a sportsman for his fiery temperament – said he often involved himself in heated discussions.

“It’s always happened,” he said. “You say something to a teammate in the heat of the moment. And it was not telling me about the others. They also said some things about it!”

Real Madrid played Huesca in La Liga on Saturday, continuing their home form which saw them beat Barcelona 3–1. El clasico End of last week.