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Zendaya and Tom Holland’s ‘low-key’ New Years Eve plans revealed


Zendaya and Tom Holland are ready to celebrate New Years Eve together! The adorable couple plan to keep things comfy as they are “totally okay” with them and their puppies for the summer holidays.

Zendaya, and Tom holland are going to be ‘low key’ this New Years Eve and we couldn’t think of anything cuter for the adorable couple! Instead of a glowing party, the 25-year-old actress and her Spider-Man: No Way Home co-star, 25, plan to spend the holidays at home together and with their two puppies: Zendaya’s Schnauzer that she calls Noon and Tom’s Pitbull named Tessa!

Tom Holland and Zendaya arrive at the ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ London premiere 2017. (David Fisher / Shutterstock)

“At Christmas, Zendaya and Tom kept it low key like they were doing everything, ”said a source EXCLUSIVELY HollywoodLife. “They were at her house with their dogs most of the day. They are going to be doing the same for the New Years as they both take the pandemic very seriously and are very much in favor of just being together. They plan to visit Tom’s parents in the near future, but not until things calm down with Covid. The source went on to say that the puppies are a very important part of the young celeb’s relationship: “Most of all, they love spending time at home with their dogs. Their dogs get along well and it was a huge one. draw for both of them. It’s as if they already had a blended family without having any children yet. “

The It couple seem to prefer being a homebody pair as it gives them a break from the fast-paced Hollywood lifestyle. “When they’re together they’re like any normal couple who does normal things,” the source added. “They love to cook dinners and they love spending time outdoors and in nature. They are both very spiritual and this is the foundation of their relationship.

While it is now obvious to everyone that Zendaya and Tom are head over heels in love, it was not at first as they kept their relationship extremely private. Of course, romance rumors had long been flowing when they first starred in the Marvel franchise, but the couple avoided adding fuel to the fire for year. That is, until they were pictured kissing each other in Los Angeles in July, causing fans to panic at the undeniable evidence!

Once the instant round-the-world trip surfaced, it was obvious that something had been developing between the two for quite some time. Exactly how long is still a mystery, as the couple remain tight-lipped on the subject. Fans always get little snippets of their romance here and there, as Tom has left a slew of affectionate comments on social media over the past few months, while Zendaya called him “very charismatic” in one. recent In the style interview.

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