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Zac Efron reappears in promotion of new movie; his appearance sparks controversy

Zack Efron He walked his first red carpet in more than three years and after rumors emerged in 2021 that he had undergone plastic surgery due to a video in which he appears with a drastic change in his face. The 34-year-old actor appeared at the Toronto Film Festival and again his physical appearance generated divided opinions.

Last Tuesday, the protagonist of High School Musical reappeared at the premiere of his new movie, The Greatest Beer Run Ever; however, his transformation has generated a stir, especially for a photo shoot he did for the specialized medium Variety.

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In the photographs, Zack Efron He appears in a dark T-shirt and khaki gabardine pants. But what was most striking were the visible changes that her face wore.

Just like in the earth day 2021 video, the actor looks very different compared to previous years. His new appearance did not go unnoticed by Internet users, who left multiple comments regarding his face on the Instagram account of Variety.

“Too much botox”, “What happened to your face?”, Zack Efron is giving me Jack Nicholson’s Joker vibes…”, Zack Efron looks different”The first guy looks like Zac Efron,” “I’m really confused by Zac Efron’s face”, “Zac doesn’t look too good”, Is it me or does anyone think Zach Efron had some work on his face..since it’s Hollywood and all. I wouldn’t be surprised”were some of the accusations against the actor.

Despite the criticism that arose on social networks, some users asked the detractors to stop looking at his physique and better focus on the actor’s projects.

“I can’t wait for Zac’s new movie, he is the best, people need to see beyond his looks because he is super talented,” one user wrote on Instagram.

Zac Efron explains what happened to his face

A few days ago, the movie star spoke for the first time about the changes in her face. Story that an accident and a lapse in physical therapy caused his masseter muscles, used for chewing, to grow.

The actor told Men’s Health who was running around her house in her socks when she slipped and hit her chin on the granite corner of a fountain. After blacking out, Efron woke up to find his chin bone “hanging out of his face.”

After the injury, Efron said he began physical therapy with a specialist to keep the muscles inside his face and jaw from overcompensating. However, when he took a break from his therapy, “the masseters just grew,” Efron said. “They just got really, really big.”


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