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Yuya and Werevertumorro: Gabriel Montiel remembers his relationship with the youtuber

One of the first big media scandals of internet personalities was the relationship between Gabriel Montiel ‘Werevertumorro’ and the famous content creator Yuya.

In an interview with Yordi Rosado, ‘Werever’ recalled those times, when they began to meet some YouTube video creators who were beginning to have fame on the internet.

There is always time, if you want to see, because apart from that, in this case, she lived in Cuerna (cow) and I in Mexico City“, remember.

Regarding their relationship, Gabriel Montiel refused to give more details about what happened little less than a decade ago, limiting himself to giving some compliments to the creator.

“She is a super hard-working girl, super focused and we also had things in common and we had a great time; the truth is that I with her, super cool“.

As for the reason for their separation, he assures that the relationship gave way due to the physical distance between the two: “we finished because it was already far away, I started doing other things; she too and each one took their way“.

She is very well today and so am I.“, concluded the topic.

CurrentlyWerevertumorro has been in a relationship for nearly five years with the influencer Fernanda Blazwhile Yuya last September announced the birth of his baby, Marin the company of the musician and former drummer of the rock band Zoé, Siddhartha.


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