Yucatecans are heard in the United States

Yucatecan Manny and his cumbia rhythm have gained a following of his music in the United States thanks to the album “La Mother-in-Law”, which is available on virtual platforms.

Emmanuel Sobranis, the singer’s real name, is the leader of this Yucatecan group.

Manny and his group released their first single as potpourri by Mike Lorre, which includes the songs “Tiburón”, “La Rajita de Canela”, “039” and “La agarradera”, which were widely distributed in Central America, Mexico and the United States. has been solemnly accepted. United States of america ..

The album includes 11 songs, between covers and previously unreleased songs such as “Who Are You” and “Un Adios”, by Tomas Soberanis.

The content has received good response in San Francisco, San Jose California, Los Angeles.

In addition to offering shows, the group would soon drop out of promotions in Mexico and the United States.

“La Sass” was released two months earlier and includes a song by Denis de Calafé, “Seora, Seora”, with a “romantic trope” arrangement as additional material. All the songs from the album are available across platforms and virtual stores.

Manny and his group have productions in the United States on the agenda, starting next month with some dates in San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Jose, California.

The group has been created for a year and a half, but the musical career of its musicians is long.

The artist often travels to Merida and the United States.

The singer says that the “rhythm I bring” is cumbia which is slightly associated with the style from the north and southeast.

Manny and his group have a presence on social networks (Facebook, YouTube and Instagram). – Claudia Sierra

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