Home Entertainment Yucatecan winner of MasterChef Junior Edition impresses with her beauty

Yucatecan winner of MasterChef Junior Edition impresses with her beauty

Alana Master Chef Junior

The winner of the first junior edition stunned internet users with her beauty; Alana proved that she was no longer a child.

MEXICO CITY. – Many will remember that alna Has been made edition winner MasterChef Junior in 2016. but the little girl who stunned the audience with her experience in the kitchen, Now it has created an uproar, though not for its culinary performance but for its Her beauty, Which usually boasts on social networks.

Alana looks like this now

alna of course a lot has changed physically, because his 17 years, the girl that many remember for participating in MasterChef Junior Five years ago, she is now a beautiful teenager, accumulating many followers on Instagram and other networks.

let’s remember that MasterChef Junior Mexico, Alana stood out for her disciplineEducation, obedience and their great cooking techniques, make it clear that age is not a hindrance in fulfilling your dreams.

after declare yourself a winner In the first edition of MasterChef Junior, the young woman continues her studies in high school, as well as She combines school with her nascent career as a television presenter, Being in charge of the social network and digital part in each edition of MasterChef Mexico that has been done.

Although Alana’s beauty has brought her to television, but a teenager’s dream is open your own restaurant when it gets old. What is unknown, not because she was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, but since she was very young Merida moved to Yucatan, And this is where he grew up.

Alana showed her interest in cooking from the age of six, but by the age of 12 she decided to participate in the first season of the junior edition of MasterChef, and she was the winner.