Home Entertainment Yucatan State’s Request for Danna Paola “Sodio” (Video) Revealed

Yucatan State’s Request for Danna Paola “Sodio” (Video) Revealed

Yucatan State's Request for Danna Paola

it appears that danna paola didn’t get much effect officials in the Yucatan, during his subsequent radio show divaza To bring forth “absurd” request What did they do to her while recording the video clip? “sodium”.

In a recent video by YouTuber, Danna Paola shares some details of her next album And also talked about his creative process for some of his popular songs.

Recording “Sodio” in Yucatan Was Very Difficult”: Danna Paola

When asked aboutsodium”, which tells a complicated love story, as the young woman learns that her boyfriend actually has other priorities; remembered the actress “How Difficult” Was It to Record in Yucatani.

“his This video was recorded in Mérida, Yucatán … Progresso And in that state like not…”, she said. Pedro Luis Figueroa, known as La Divaza.

it was very difficult to shoot video, because fair What did the state (of Yucatan) ask that such scenes should not happen, and I … this is love, and it is worth me. And I did (…) I flagged there and said: ‘I don’t care if they ban me from the city, but it has to be taken out.Recalls the singer, who left a pending appointment in 2020 to celebrate her tour at the unit.

Danna Paola also advised girls who have been or are going through the same situation as her in “Sodio” not to feel discouraged and, on the contrary, to be encouraged to support and support them in that difficult internal battle which they should represent as an identity for others.

clip in which the singer makes Mention of events in Yucatan, Have done echo in the unit, where community members mourn the bad image they believe was derived from the state, which – as we have also reported – is refused to support same-sex marriage.