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Yucatán Ska Jazz Foundation invites your presentation

Yucatán Ska Jazz Foundation invites your presentation

Experimenting, discovering and going out to satisfy new sounds, harmonic components of various genres that, when merged, awaken sensations for the enjoyment of the general public, is the work behind the present “Verano Meridance” by Yucatán Ska Jazz Basis, which will probably be offered tomorrow Sunday, from 8 pm, on Fb: Mérida is Tradition.

Armín Zapata, guitarist of the musicians ensemble that invitations to the live performance, explains that the principle attribute of Yucatán Ska Jazz Basis is the variety of types that differentiates its members, who present new sounds that converge within the dynamics of ska and the class of jazz .

“It is the contribution of styles that distinguishes the musicians of this group that enriches their proposal,” he says.

“For us, the search for new sounds is what gives essence to ‘Verano Meridance’, a concert of little more than 25 minutes that explores the genres of ska and jazz, one very dynamic and the other more elegant, and where everyone contributes a degree of individuality to the delight of the public, ”he says.

Bear in mind that it’s the second Yucatán Ska Jazz Basis mission that advantages from incentives from the Mérida Metropolis Council’s arts promotion program, and it needed to be tailored to the video for transmission by means of Fb.

Entry to the presentation will probably be free.— Emanuel Rincón Becerra

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The repertoire of the live performance is made up of unpublished items.


Armín Zapata (guitar), César Güemes (saxophone), Jared Can (drums), Ricardo Silveria (bass) and Dinaldy Pech (keyboards).