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Youtuber Super Chinelo is murdered

  • Mexican youtuber known as Super Chinelo is murdered
  • received several bullets in the State of Mexico
  • his wife is seriously injured, while his four-year-old son escaped without any injuries

Mexican youtuber known as Super Chinelo, whose name is Rubén Ortega, was assassinated, received several bullets in the State of Mexico, in turn in the same attack, his wife was seriously injured, while his four-year-old son came out without any injury, from according to information that has already been published on the portal of People in spanish.

This crime occurs in the midst of a “wave” of violence in the country between drug cartels and other homicides that have nothing to do with the struggle between groups of this type, which is why it causes commotion among the population that expresses its pain in the social networks, because it was there that the tragic news was confirmed.


Youtuber Super Chinelo murdered

It was through his official Facebook account that it became known that the famous man was murdered, the following message was uploaded verbatim: “Unfortunately, everything is true. The friend and colleague Rubén Ortega passed away. Thank you for showing his support ”, this along with the photograph of the now deceased.

It was the neighbors who spoke to the 911 emergency system after hearing a series of gunshots and seeing that the famous man was lying on the floor, since moments before he got out of his vehicle to open the gate of his house, when Suddenly two subjects came before him and opened fire practically at point-blank range, the news was reported that YouTuber Super Chinelo was murdered.

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