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Youtuber Sara “HojuSara” Holmes dies after fighting terrible disease

  • Famous youtuber dies at 31 years of age
  • Sara “HojuSara” Holmes passed away after battling leukemia
  • “I will be taking care of all of you”

Youtuber Sara Holmes dies. The world of social networks is in mourning for the sensitive death of a well-known youtuber who lost his life at the age of 31. The sensitive loss surprised locals and strangers because she already sensed her death and even left a farewell message.

This is the young YouTube star, Sara “HojuSara” Holmes who lost her life this September at the age of 31, after a short battle against leukemia. The young influencer was diagnosed with this disease last May, as her fiancé said in tears, according to the portal The universe.

YouTuber Sara Holmes dies at 31

YouTuber Sara Holmes dies at 31

The youtuber was very popular on social networks and had more than 300 thousand followers on her YouTube pages where she became known for her funny videos. She was originally from Australia, however, she lived in South Korea with her partner, who helped her make her recordings.

It is worth mentioning that it was last May when the young Sara Holmes was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia, this happened when she moved to South Korea. Everything seems to indicate that the vlogger already foresaw her death because she said goodbye to her followers before her death.

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