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Your life is not perfect

Daniel Brühl laughs at himself in “Next Door”

MADRID (EFE) .— He became known with “Good Bye Lenin!” (2003) and his milestones as an actor are “Inglourious Basterds” (2009), “Rush” (2013) and “Captain America: Civil War” (2016), but Daniel Brühl has long wanted to tell his own story in his own Way. , and did so in “Next Door”.

“I wanted to reveal the supposedly perfect life of the actors, nowadays many too much are exposed with social networks, cultivating the image of a perfect life that is sometimes mostly empty and if you scratch a little, there is often loneliness, sadness.” And frustration “, Says the Spanish-German actor in an interview.

Daniel, the character, is a well-known actor who gets up one morning to take a flight to London to be auditioned for a great superhero film.

On his way to the airport, he walks into the bar where he meets Bruno, a neighbor he had never noticed, and begins a conversation that is less casual and innocent than it seems and that will corner Daniel.

Successful actors move in the paradox of needing contact with reality for their work and at the same time isolate themselves because of the fame in their bubble. How do you deal with that?

I’ve seen actors fall for it and I’ve seen the danger myself, but luckily I did an education, my father was a director and it shaped me a lot, he saw these dangers and I always have it in the back of my mind and on the other hand the social environment and my wife is a psychologist.

Did your father make the appointment as a director?

What motivates us actors is telling stories and sooner or later you want to be able to tell your own story, do it your way and as an actor not feel excluded from any process.

Why did you choose this very personal story?

You have to know what you’re telling, the world and the characters, and looking for an idea, this one that I had years ago in Barcelona (Spain) popped up again, but at the time it couldn’t be because I didn’t have one Production had company.

The screenwriter is Daniel Kehlmann, how did you work with him?

I wanted someone who understood the sense of humor I was looking for, it was important that this film not be seen as something autobiographical about my trauma as an actor and that Daniel Kehlman, for me the best writer we have in Germany, has that sense of humor.

Did you tell him things from your life and did he take advantage of them?

He invited me to write with him, I gave him ideas, anecdotes, experiences, humiliations … We enjoyed this game between fiction and reality.

In the film, his character describes the superhero role as something nurturing, which he is not very proud of and suffers because there is no way they will send him the full script. What do you think of your work at Marvel as the villain Zemo?

I’m very happy, I have a lot of fun, I understand that there are people who don’t like this type of cinema, but I’ve always liked it and they are also very professional, they treat you very well. In the movie I’m not referring to Marvel, but I’ve had other suggestions from people who have asked me to record myself without telling me the context or anything, in three sentences I felt so humiliated … but at Marvel’s boss Kevin Feige always told me what it was about, the character, the plot.

How do you deal with the criticism?

In this case, with a lot of fear and nervousness because you can’t blame anyone, it’s your film, but I always try to relax and not give it too much importance as it is usually stressful to constantly judge yourself to feel. On the other hand, I am very self-critical, I am never 100% satisfied with my work. I’ve had enough with my inner voices and demons, I don’t need more.

Why did you choose this almost theatrical production?

I like a lot of films like this one, the challenge to keep the interest and the rhythm, I had Hitchcock, Lumet or Polanski films as a reference point. Plus, I can focus on working with actors and characters, who I know best. But now that I’m starting to like this thing, I would love to get out of the bar and shoot with multiple actors if they allow me to do another film, try something new. I work with the same writer and we’re both interested in going more towards thriller or horror, on the dark side.

Act and direct

Daniel Brühl’s directorial debut will hit the cinemas on Friday. “Next Door” is a black comedy in which he also plays the lead role based on his experience as an actor and which takes place in real time and in a single room, a bar in Berlin, where he lives.

Lots of details

Although the story is fictional, it is full of details and obvious parallels to Brühl’s career and life, according to the actor who was gradually making his way in Hollywood.

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