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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Young vallenato singer dies after suffering a traffic accident

  • The world of Hispanic entertainment is dressed in mourning again
  • They announce the sensitive death of the young vallenato singer Iván José Mindiola
  • “I will need you, accomplice of so many pods”, wrote his partner Carlos Zedán

“How much the soul hurts”. Yesterday, the news of the sensitive death of the young vallenato singer Iván José Mindiola was released, at the age of 26, after he suffered a traffic accident in mid-August. It was his partner, Carlos Zedán, who confirmed the departure of whoever was his “accomplice of so many pods.”

Through a statement that he shared in his social networksthe accordion player stated that at 11:45 p.m. last Thursday, September 1, his friend and vocalist of the group they were part of, Iván José Mindiola, ceased to exist: “He was and will always be the heart of our project , it was his voice and his dreams that started this musical proposal”.

Rest in peace, Ivan Jose Mindiola

Rest in peace, Ivan Jose Mindiola

In another part of this statement, the musician thanked all the people and businessmen, as well as all the entities that have accompanied them since their inception, in addition to expressing that he was sure that there would be a “heavenly party in eternity” for the presence of his colleague and friend, who will always appreciate your unconditional support.

“To José Antonio, Rocío and Andrea, all our love and feeling of solidarity. We have all lost Iván on earth and we all accompany him today in heaven“, You can read in the statement, which immediately caused users to express their condolences after learning of the death of Iván José Mindiola.

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