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Young man claims to be the alleged unrecognized son of Shakira and a Hispanic actor

  • Did Shakira have another child?
  • Joven claims to be the alleged unrecognized son of the singer.
  • A Colombian actor was involved in the controversy

Supposed son of Shakira. It seems that the problems for Shakira do not end, because after going through one of the most difficult processes of her life, the separation with Piqué and the legal fight for the custody of her children, an unexpected situation is added to the beloved singer, he got another son!

The news has grabbed several headlines from various media, because in the midst of his love problem, it turns out that a young man has assured that he is Shakira’s son and as if that were not enough that his father is a Colombian actor, which has caused a stir in show business.

Shakira’s alleged unrecognized son appears

Shakira's supposed son

Shakira is in the sights of a young man who claims to be her “unrecognized” son, it should be noted that Colombian actor Santiago Alarcón has also been involved in this controversy, who announced the news after making a public complaint after receiving constant messages on the subject.

The alleged son of Shakira who has just come to light, claims to be the result of a relationship that the Colombian singer long ago with the actor Santiago Alarcón, to be precise, the romance between the two celebrities took place when the two were about youngsters

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