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Young accuses youtuber Jacobo Wong of harassing her when she was a minor

Through a video to your TikTok account, Isela Burgoin (@iselaburgoin) accused the youtuber James Wong of harassing her when she was a minor.

This happened when I was only 13 years old”, Said the young woman, and shared a photo of the day this situation took place, during a youtubers event in Cabo San Lucas, Baja California.

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Later, Isela reported that “I had to leave and I approached each youtuber to say goodbye. When I approached Jacobo I realized that he was drunk. He proceeded to tell me that he had just noticed that I was very pretty, that I had very pretty lips, and he said everything in a tone as if he was hinting at kissing me.”.

“He proceeded to grab me by the waist and bring me closer to him, under the pretext that the music was too loud, that he couldn’t hear me, which is not true at all,” he added.

According to Isela, Jacobo also asked her “if my cousin was around; he knew that my cousin was one of the organizers of the event, so what a cheek of his.”

He also revealed that “It took me a long time to assimilate that what I experienced was harassment. Jacobo is 9 years older than me, it was evident that I was a minor, it was evident in my clothing and my way of acting.

“Also, it was broad daylight; I am not saying this to make it known that in other situations it is not valid depending on the clothing or the time of day, I am letting it be known because even that did not stop Jacobo, ”he pointed out.

Isela commented that she has spoken with other youtubers “who share with me that they have lived with Jacobo while drunk and it is common for him to harass other women while he is drunk; I do not know if they have been minors, that in my case I was a minor, I was 13 years old, I am currently 21 years old.

Finally, the young woman confessed that she disclosed her bad experience with the youtuber because “I just found a message where a person tells me that in one of Jacobo’s videos he shared my publication and that he blocked it. This to me makes it clear that he knows and remembers what happened, however when I shared my experience I tagged him and he had no response.”


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