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You will make “José the Dreamer” shine

You will make

Carlos Rivera and Kalimba give their first rehearsal

MEXICO CITY.— Just over two months after the curtain was raised on “José el soñado”, Carlos Rivera, Kalimba and Fela Domínguez joined the actors on the show.

The three singers and actors met with producer Alejandro Gou and director Mariano Detry for pointers on what to do with their characters.

“My thing is music. I’ve always done musicals, I’ve been to a comedy, but I don’t know what would happen if I did theater. What I know is that it is learning to continue with my lessons, with my learning and, most importantly, with the passion to keep doing it, ”Rivera said in an interview.

“José the dreamer” is planned for 42 performances in the Teatro I Cultural Center from February 10, 2022. The musical, which debuted on Broadway 39 years ago, tells the story of José (Rivera), son of Jacob, who can be seen his father’s darling. Blinded by envy, his 11 brothers deceive him to sell him as a slave to the Ishmaelites.

“Everything has come crashing down to reconcile the obligations I have. It was the first work I saw in my life. This project is challenging every day and it’s great for me to be part of this piece, not just because of the cast, but because there is a lot of talent.

For his part, Kalimba said that returning to the theater with a play like “José el soñado” was a gift of life.

“This first approach is very rich because we get to know the whole team, the whole ensemble, and the fact is that the star is the work. There is no place here for egos to say whether one is more than the other. We are committed to the same goal: to make history stand out and shine, ”said Kalimba, who will play Pharaoh.

Rivera, Fela Domínguez, and Kalimba stayed about an hour to practice a few pieces with the entire cast of actors and dancers.

Additionally, everyone spoke to Detry, a London-based Argentinian director who will be in Mexico for more than three months to work on this musical.

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