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Saturday, October 1, 2022

You remember? This was the time César Bono pretended to have a heart attack on television

a couple of days ago Carlos Bonavides became a trend after making a heavy joke during the program SNserious Multimedia where he pretended to have a heart attack after receiving a charge of ‘touches’ during a dynamic. Although the drivers and all those present took it with humor, there were characters from the artistic world who expressed their annoyance.

Since the joke of the Mexican actor, endless divided opinions have emerged on social networks about the topics that can or cannot be joked on television. Neverthelessthere was another celebrity character who did the same thing before.

This is César Bono who in 2016 was a guest on the program Today and made a joke of this style, this happened while the actor was being interviewed to talk about his next professional projects.

While ‘El burro’ Van Rankin, Carlos Gallegos, Raúl Araiza, Galilea Montijo and Andrea Legarreta were talking to César, Reynaldo Rossano came from behind and jokingly tried to scare the artist, without imagining what was going to happen.

Immediately after being scared, the actor who plays Frankie Rivers in the comedy series Neighbours he began to fade into his seat.

Making a show of gasping for breath, Bono began asking for a pill he had left in his dressing room. At that time, all the actors who were present showed great concern because they really feared for the life of the actor.

Reynaldo Rossano was completely shocked because he was the one who made the joke and probably felt guilty. It was there when César Bono shouted: “ah right w **, ah right”, between laughs.

Everyone present began to laugh at the situation but Rossano continued in shock because he did not know what was happening.


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