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“You lie”: Yolanda Andrade exploded against Claudia de Icaza for talking about her relationship with Verónica Castro

Yolanda Andrade exploded against the journalist Claudia de Icaza (Photo: Getty Images Infobae)

After the journalist claudia de icaza made some strong comments about the relationship of Veronica Castro Y Yolanda Andradethe latter did not take long to respond and was upset by what he said about her.

Through their stories of Instagramthe driver of Montse and Joe He lashed out at the journalist and said she was a liar. “You lie, you lie Claudia de Icaza. Too bad you’re so misinformed. Thank you for the time you dedicated to me, I appreciate it, you lie, ”she pointed out.

Likewise, in another video, Yolanda Andrade addressed the issue more and hinted that she was disappointed in Claudia de Icaza. “I had Claudia de Icaza in another conceptis a journalist, writes books…”, he added.

It should be noted that a few hours ago, the driver shared a clip on Instagram in which he wrote the following:

“The Fall of a ‘Journalist’ who CANNOT recognize her lie @dehistoriaenhistoria. THE PUBLIC DOESN’T LIE. Where are your tests? Hears #claudiadeicaza you harm the credibility work that your collaborators still have in your program and Lupita. Lupita immediately looked for me and found me, you don’t even peep. You just talk without arguments. Here I share the #knowledgeablepublic THE LIES OF THE SHOW. Greetings Pancha and all those who do share it by collaborating”.

Yolanda Andrade called Claudia de Icaza a liar (Photo: Instagram/@yolandaamor)
Yolanda Andrade called Claudia de Icaza a liar (Photo: Instagram/@yolandaamor)

In the video appears the part in which Claudia mentions a trip by Veronica and Yolanda to Amsterdam, in which they supposedly got married, then the journalist appears in a meeting of Zoom.

What Claudia de Icaza said about Yolanda Andrade and Verónica Castro

When Yolanda Andrade showed some images with Verónica Castro to leave evidence of their romance quite a few people reacted to it, including Claudia de Icaza.

during your program history in history He stated that the relationship between the two had occurred because they were under the influence of marijuana and hinted that perhaps already in that state, Yolanda would have imagined that they were married.

“According to this and according to what Yolanda has made known, they were ‘pachecas’ in Amsterdam and then they got married, an X rite,” said Claudia.

And it is that some time ago it was ensured that both had married in Amsterdam.

“When they got married, Yolanda was 31 and Verónica was 50; they were both beautiful at that time and the wedding took place when they were well pachecasY It was a symbolic ceremony, without a paper in between. In fact, the one who knew about that trip was the designer Mitzy, because he saw them at the airport when they returned from that trip and he was the first one who was told that they had married, ”said a source for TV Notes.

To this, in 2019 the host of Montse and Joe She said that the only truth was hers and that she hadn’t lied about it. “The truth is I have it. I have it on video, I have it in photos, I have it in my soul, I have it in my heart, I have it in my head”.

Yolanda Andrade interviewed Verónica Castro in 2003 for the program "The Daughters of Mother Earth" (Photo: Unicable)
Yolanda Andrade interviewed Verónica Castro in 2003 for the program “The Daughters of Mother Earth” (Photo: Unicable)

Rumors of a alleged romance between the two They appeared for more than a decade, because they were often seen going out together and even in 2005, the magazine TV Notes published some images of Vero and Joe in Acapulco.

For her part, the mother of Cristian Castro has flatly denied that relationship, while Yolanda has spoken openly on the subject and once expressed that she was hurt by the statements of The Vero.

“She said very dismissively that she was not a lesbian. That was very ugly of him, I think he did it with a lot of courage because he gave a very, I repeat the word, derogatory emphasis, against the community, As if being a lesbian was a bad thing.”counted.


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