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“You have to understand what young people want and how to make them stay in the country”

The executive director of Globant Argentina, Wanda Weigert, asked to understand what are the needs of young people “so that they stay and not leave” the country, during the Democracy and Development meeting, organized by Clarín.

“Growth is there, but it has its complexities. You have to understand what young people want and how to get them to stay and don’t go. It’s a competitive salary policy, but they’re also looking for flexibility,” she explained.

In that sense, he said that young people “are looking to work from wherever they want, have the benefits they want and choose who they want to work for.” “All that cultural part must also be understood,” she said.

On the other hand, he referred to the gender difference in the industry and asked “break that barrier”.

“It’s a complex issue. It happens all over the world. Statistics in the region and in the world say that 30% are women and 70% men. There are many paradigms that must be broken. Like the one that hard races are for men and the soft ones for women. That means that there is a first barrier for the industry,” he analyzed.

“Every company in the sector wants talent, gender does not matter. On the contrary, we want greater diversity to better understand the products that consumers are going to have,” he added.

In this regard, he asked “to work at all stages” because “later in universities there is also that difference between men and women”

“You have to go to secondary schools and show that hard science careers are suitable and easy. And then accompany women in their professional process,” she said.

When asked about the most innovative and challenging project they have today at Globant, she said that it is the most relevant trend in the metaverse.

“We are working a lot with the word of the moment, the metaverse. We were the first company to create a metaverse study. We are leading many brands to have their experience or creating metaverses for specific companies,” he analyzed.

“Almost all organizations today are already thinking about how I am going to be, what I have to do, how I have to go there… That is our main focus,” he concluded.

Weigert is the new CEO of Globant, a position to which she was appointed earlier this month. He has been with the company for more than twenty years.

After the news became public, Weigert had expressed his goals for the company: “We want to continue growing, bringing more opportunities throughout the country and innovating so that our clients deepen their path of reinvention.”

“Argentina is a key place for us: it is our home, the place where we were born and from where we expanded to the world. Today we have more than 5,000 Globers here, creating solutions for organizations around the world”, she had pointed out.

This year the cycle Democracy and Development aims to discuss how to make Argentina recover the path of Development.

The first two meetings have already taken place. In the first, on May 17, the Bases for growth were analyzed, with a table focused on the economy and another on legal certainty.

The second was on June 16, and dealt with human and physical capital, education and the necessary infrastructure for development.

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