Home Entertainment “You did this to me”: Jose Manuel Figueroa’s girlfriend condemns physical abuse

“You did this to me”: Jose Manuel Figueroa’s girlfriend condemns physical abuse

José Manuel Figueroa agrede a Farina Chaparro

Some leaked videos have caused a stir as they show Jose Manuel Figueroa and Farina Chaparro fighting.

Guadalajara.- Jose Manuel Figueroa involved in a great controversy, as evidenced by assault with his girlfriend Farina Chapro. Through this Video filtered on social networks, The model condemned the singer And he claims to have been repeatedly humiliated and beaten by her.

Jose Manuel Figueroa exposed as a violent man

The program “Sale El Sol” was released Recording in which you can see Singer and his girlfriend are arguing Firmly.

also show clip The shock that the singer gave him Ten minutes after the model came home. The girl also says with tears insults that you usually do And how tired she is of the abuse because she mentions: “She can’t do it anymore”.

so crying i want you to record meI’m tired of every insult, I have seven hours here and You haven’t stopped insulting me. this hit you made me Ten minutes after arriving,” Farina Camacho is heard saying she moans on the floor.

Figueroa makes fun of his girlfriend’s pain

other Video the one that generated the outrage was the one in which you hear Jose Manuel While teasing his girlfriend, he also assures her that his fans will enjoy it too.

“Don’t be mad, but if I don’t say it, My fans are going to make fun of me. This is the best TikTok I’ve ever seen,” Figueroa jokingly expresses while mentioning that “she can’t take it anymore.”

in other filtered recording The singer – who is apparently in a state of intoxication – is heard making misogynistic remarks And Farina ridicules the chaparro’s suffering.

your god made you a woman Because she knows you don’t have the ball to bear all the truths I can tell you right now,” says Joan Sebastian’s son, while the model mentions that “she’s not hurt, she’s just tired.” happened.

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Despite the fact that the video drew criticism on social networks, the singer did not talk about it.