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You composed “La Balsa” in the bathroom of “La Americana” Del Vanse…

Even David Bowie talked Tanguito. In 1997, when the musician toured Argentina, Roberto Petinato interviewed him and he not only told him that he had heard about it fleet, but wanted to know more about the only hit he composed in a public men’s bathroom. As they say, Bowie must have gone through a lot of toilets.

what if he national rock He wrote songs relieving himself.

,Also, tomorrow we are going to do a version of the song.”Bowie added in that interview (though he later forgot about the tribute).

in french guide Buenos Aires Insolite at Secret (Jonglez)page 224, appears Toilets of “La Perla del Once”, It is published as a “compulsory tour” of the Buenos Aires metropolis. There you can read: Je suis seoul et trieste dans si monde abandon (I am so lonely and sad here in this abandoned world).

sentence at the beginning of fleet Traveled over Marley.

This place is a branch of "La Americana" and no one asks for "La Balsa".  Photo: Luciano Thieburger

This place is a branch of “La Americana” and no one asks for “La Balsa”. Photo: Luciano Thieburger

in this holy place

The first national rock song was composed in a bar bathroom. That’s the history. Tanguito and Litto Nebia They understood that the acoustics of the place were better than any recording studio. Bathroom with soundtrack, Year ’67, CABA, When Everything Was Nothing, Beginning was Nothing.

Preserving places with history cost horrors. In which country toilets have been declared as cultural heritage? Without that bathroom, the national rock would not have existed, one of Argentina’s best inventions. In other words, there would be no Serati without that bathroom. Spinetta, Garcia, Coti…

There are people wondering what the government’s plans are with regard to the aesthetics of the city and the care of historical places and architectural styles. where was it pearl of eleven There is now a franchise that serves portions of reheated fugazzetta. La Perla del Vance: confectionery, museum, manger, no longer exists. However, the room displays a commemorative plaque where the place was declared in 1994 Site of cultural interest of the city.

There are obscure and hidden references to posters of great anchovies and mozzarella or brand logos, with a fat man with a mustache declaring—with an operatic air—that the best empanadas “since 1935” have been made out there. The data only adds to the confusion: are they from 1935? therefore Pearl never existed on the corner of Jujuy and RivadaviaOpposite Miserere Square.

Amidst the tangle of cheese, we read: “A place frequented by young musicians in the ’60s who created the first compositions of National Rock.”

myth says that fleet Lito was composed by Nebia and Tanguito. The morning of 2 May 1967, in the bathroom of “Caballeros” in La Perla del Vanse. that the dominant subject is born from the hand of Ramses Vll-Nebbia (Jose A. Iglesias, aka Tanguito and Felix F. Nebia).

Nobility obliges, ladies and gentlemen in the bathrooms of the song.  Photo Luciano Thieburger.

Nobility obliges, ladies and gentlemen in the bathrooms of the song. Photo Luciano Thieburger.


who hasn’t heard the phrase Javier Martinez (drummer and singer hand made, “Once upon a time you composed La Balsa in the bathroom of La Perla del…”

i was talking to tanguito in the singular, creating a doubt that would be taboo. One damn loop: “Once upon a time you composed ‘La Balsa’ in the bathroom of La Perla del”, we heard it when the album came out tanguitoPostmortem, in 1973. litto nebia hated to sing founder and they say it was like 20 years without touching it.

The thing is where “the rock was made by the hands of young rebels”, This is already history. And even no. First and foremost, the bathroom ceased to belong not only to pearl of eleven, but you enter and must hold your breath. In addition, there are closed urinals.

Of course, nobility obliges, in both women In form of gentlemen They welcome us with the famous lyrics of the song Stamped at their door. morrisOne of the founding members of Local Landscapes, once told us: “Pearl doesn’t bring back good memories, For me, the past can be painful and upsetting. When people talk to me about the past, i saw you 30 years agoI ask you to change the subject. People love to go to the back, and La Perla is a place that reminds me of the persecution we went through, even from the owners themselves. No, the truth is it won’t bring back good memories for me to be there”.

ceased to exist in February 2017 like and after a while it became a branch of American, There are no more photos of leading musicians. It was said that the new owners would keep nine employees, “but none of them are left,” according to a manager outside any tradition.

toilet visit

Do many people come to ask about the bathroom?

-Don’t do that.


No, tourists don’t come here.

-And customers ask about the history of the song?

-Don’t do that.


– No, all that has already happened.

Tanguito went to the bathroom at "La Perla" and began writing the song.  Nebbia called it Los Gatos... tanguito manuscripts epu arch.  made famous with

Tanguito went to the bathroom at “La Perla” and began writing the song. Nebbia called it Los Gatos… tanguito manuscripts epu arch. made famous with

Gigantograph of pizzas and empanadas, LED TV with National Bee matches. If anyone knows, that’s fine; If not, the best health information from the Marquis de Sade and beyond visit in boudoirIt is emptiness itself.

“I’m so lonely and sad here in this shy world…” Given the current smell, it’s possible that Tanguito was literally talking about toilets. this is how it started Original version of La Rafto that later – with a more commercial flair – would record in Nebbia Cats ignore profanity,

During the final years of La Perla del Vanse, frequent reference He sought to make a living by organizing live music cycles and book productions of the like.

recently LollapaloozaJournalist Federico Anzardic said: “I need Litto Nebia to be badly hit by some coffee with milk that he had at La Perla del Vanse and go on stage at Lola to shout ‘I invented them’.” He was the only hero on the grid.

“You composed ‘La Balsa’ in the bathroom of La Perla del Vanse”.

In Litto Nebia, Last Lollapalooza.  photo martin bonetto

In Litto Nebia, Last Lollapalooza. photo martin bonetto

Following the release of Tanguito’s album, the relationship between Nebia and Manal’s drummer, Javier Martínez, was clearly damaged. in chat with Rolling stone, Martinez apologized again. “I saw that The song was composed by both Because there was only one guitar in La Perla that Tanguito had brought. Litto, Sandro, Morris and I never held a guitar. I took 40 years to clean it,

Tanguito was crushed by a train in Puente Pacifico in 1972. He was 26 years old. He died before being a notable member of the national rock soap opera. “The two or three sons of the bitch were in charge of setting up a myth”, Said Nebia, whose work, over the years, has sought to dramatically distance the cliff.

Subject built in bathroom He is not foreign to anyone. Leon Giecko -Even in the singular!- recalls the legend in the sublime Los Salieris de Charli: Once in La Perla del you composed “La Balsa” / After Cana you don’t go out any more…

in the bathroom American Today hardly any trap can be made.

Don’t Trust On this News and Website Maybe it’s Fake

Reference from clarin www.clarin.com

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