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You’re free in your movies

You are free in your films

Director Ana Lily Amirpour inaugurates Sitges

SITGES (EFE) .— Filmmaker Ana Lily Amirpour, who opened the 54th final night time. The version of the Sitges Worldwide Unbelievable Movie Competition with the movie “Mona Lisa And The Blood Moon” believes that “the fantasy genre allows women freedom because it allows everything in its films”.

The director delighted the photographers together with her pet, a pet that even had its personal label on the convention desk, “Bennie”, who took on the dazzling calls for unmoved.

“Mona Lisa And The Blood Moon” follows the character of the actress Jeon Jong-seo, a younger North Korean lady with telekinetic expertise who escapes from the sanatorium the place she was imprisoned for ten years and this escape coincides with the complete moon varied characters from New Orleans by night time and confronts the police who’re searching for her.

The director, who accepts that her movie may be seen as an “optimistic fantasy”, argues that when she sees what surrounds us, she is making an attempt to “see what beauty is in this chaos,” during which she believes the world is.

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When requested by the press whether or not his movie needs to be categorised as feminist, Amirpour replied very expressively: “My film cannot be classified.”

“I believe that all women are born feminists and that equality will be achieved when male filmmakers are asked what it means to make films as a man,” he mentioned earlier than asking journalists if they’d launched themselves to the opposite To be gender.

When the impromptu ballot confirmed that almost all of ladies answered sure, Amirpour emphasised, “The master never imagines what the slave is like, it is the slave who imagines what the master is.”

Amirpour, he confessed, grew up watching superhero movies that saved the world, however together with his function movie he tries to “present a superhero who is not trying to save the world, just trying to inhabit it” and puzzled How it might be extra helpful to have superheroes than to assist us be on this world.

He began writing Mona Lisa whereas enhancing his earlier movie Carnal Love, and it began with the image of a lady in jail, with the necessity to inform a narrative concerning the seek for freedom, a freedom that’s coming with the complete moon.

Ana Lily Amirpour made the movie earlier than the pandemic broke out.

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