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You are banned from entering! They capture Piqué waiting for his children outside Shakira’s house

  • Piqué is captured outside Shakira’s house.
  • No longer welcome? He did not go beyond the gate when going for his children.
  • They assure that the singer will spend the rest of the month with Milan and Sasha.

I hammered outside Shakira’s house. A great controversy is the one that has been unleashed since it became known that Shakira and Piqué decided to end their relationship after spending 12 years together after an alleged infidelity on the part of the footballer. Both celebrities reached an agreement regarding their children but it seems that Gerard is no longer welcome at the singer’s house.

And we know that social networks give us a lot to talk about, even more so when it comes to celebrities. These platforms are implemented to spread any type of information, so that everything that both Shakira and Piqué did came to light, they have recently ensured that the footballer has been seen outside the Dominican’s home.

The separation of Shakira and Piqué continues to echo in social networks

I hammered outside Shakira's house

Two months have passed since the most admired couple in the world of entertainment announced their breakup through a statement, since then both made it more than clear that their priority is their children who have also been the main topic between Gerard Piqué’s disputes and Shakira, because neither wants to lose the closeness with the little Sasha and Milan.

It is worth mentioning that the lawyers of both continue with the negotiation for custody, but for now it is known that Milan and Sasha will have to spend the rest of this month of August with Piqué, as reported by different Spanish media. Filed Under: I hammered outside Shakira’s house.

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