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“You are a virus”: Yolanda Andrade destroyed Laura Bozzo for her attitude in The House of Celebrities

Bozzo was the subject of disqualifying comments by the Unicable presenter (Photos: Getty Images)

The reality show The house of the famous has been the stage for some figures found within to live moments of tension and strong confrontations. Weeks ago, the second season of the program began. Telemundothe controversy has not stopped.

And it is that in the Show whose premise is to bring together a group of characters inside a house being “surveilled” by cameras 24 hours a day, -a concept almost identical to that of Big Brother VIP- the public has seen clashes between Laura Bozz and Niurkaand those of Niurka against Toni Costa, to cite an example.

But since the Cuban left the reality show, Bozzo has been in charge of “giving the note”because now he was engaged in a fight against Yvonne Montero. Both women raised their voices and addressed regrettable insults.

Already angry, the famous Laura from America He began to claim the Mexican actress: “I know very well what your place is, of course, you can be in everyone’s bed to know what your place is. Go play the victim somewhere else, tremendous whore… I do win here It’s not going to be a victim or a crybaby or because I’m doing the… not by chance. If I win it will be because of the people. and this manipulative hypocrite who uses her daughter to be pitiful, it disgusts me…Please, you hypocrite!”

These strong words were answered by the actress of Malverde: The patron saint, who turned: “You should be in my place, but you are so miserable at heart, you can’t even have empathy, how sad, how disappointing to have met you on this reality show… How horrible, who knows me well as the person I am, I want to find out. Nothing will tarnish my happiness…He is dying of rage, of envy, of anger, of everything that I provoke in him, How sad, what a woman with so much misery of soul, of heart, pathetic”.

Ivonne and Laura made their enmity evident (Photo: Getty Images/CUARTOSCURO)
Ivonne and Laura made their enmity evident (Photo: Getty Images/CUARTOSCURO)

Faced with this explosive confrontation, it was Yolanda Andrade who joined the controversy and shared on his Instagram account the video of a fragment of the heated discussion to which he added what he thinks of the self-appointed “lawyer of the poor”.

With hashtags and strong assertions, the driver of unicable He launched himself against the Peruvian for his attitude in The famous slab house, though about Ivonne Montero did not comment anythingso it is not known if he acted to defend the actress or simply wanted to “put Bozzo in his place”.

Yolanda recalled the "criminal past" of the Peruvian driver (Photo: Twitter/@TVAztecaJalisco)
Yolanda recalled the “criminal past” of the Peruvian driver (Photo: Twitter/@TVAztecaJalisco)

#outlaurabozzo Are #toxic It is exhausting to continue enduring so much evil that is in your being. You poisoned the house. You are the shame of the genre. Woman, look for help, maybe luck will still help you there, although old monkey does not do a new trick, ”reads the publication that at the moment has accumulated almost 8,500 likes and almost 3 thousand comments.

“You seemed funny to me because you were ridiculous. Now that people thank you for how much we saw #clown I hope you see yourself …NOT in a mirror because you already know what you are going to see. Defender of women! That does NOT exist in you. Already your presence and your voice and your actions, only cause compassion, “continued the host of Montse & Joewho even offered an apology to all women for the behavior of Laura Bozzo.

“You are a virus. An apology to all women for this shame of genre. #outlaura And if you win, just because I’m generous even in my insults, I’ll give you a discount at Gucci. PATHETIC!!!” she added.

The driver did not miss the opportunity to remember the problems with justice that the Peruvian faced in 2021for which an Interpol file was even issued to find his whereabouts due to his problems with the Treasury.

“Let’s remember that the criminal is you! #ficharoja #delinquent In Santa Martha your tantrums are NOT going to put up with you. They already told me that they are waiting for you, ”she concluded.


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