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Anara youtuber. denied want of money or agreement with

anara suarejoaccuser girl Yoselin “N” from child pornography, refuse to be able to reach an agreement With the YouTuber, as she says after the video aired “pathetic generation” whether it was the existence of the clip of the abuse he had suffered and He and his family were threatened.

my goal has never been to make moneyI do this to get justice and what happened to me will not happen again to any woman, I am not the only woman who has been raped and assaulted. money has never been part of the plan”, says the girl of 19 yearsS, in an interview with “first hand”.

“This is not selective justice”: Ainara’s lawyer says

In the company of your lawyer, Ainara replied to the comment which have been created about him, as well as alleged messages that false accounts have been created in his name. as well as lawyer Xavier Schutte It also explained why the matter yoselin is early; And the attackers of the young woman identified in the complaint filed last March have not been arrested: Axel A, Carlos R, Nicolas R, Julian G, and Patricio A.

“We’ve been talking a lot with Ainara and feminist group What It is important to note that this is not a question of selective justice. So what The Case of Yoselin and the Raiders, as well as others who have committed the offense of child pornography by sharing a video of a sexual nature of a minor, they are different matters”, explained the lawyer.

He said that even the faces of the attackers have not been broadcast because when they attacked against Ainarus they were minors. That’s why Their criminal procedure is also as minor offenders: “Unlike Yoseline, which is considered of legal age and the burden of proof is also different.”

“It is as a result of this that the prosecutor’s office determined that he Yoselyn already had enough to take criminal action against her, request an arrest warrant (…) and the judge also held that it was sufficient to be attached to the process. in relation to others involved in the offense of similar rape, including the assailants; And the investigation of the offense of pornography for other people – adults and minors – is ongoing”.

At this point, the lawyer recalled that the investigation it’s already upgraded, but they ask the authorities to comply so that justice can be done “in these cases as well”.

Finally, Ainara too respond to criticism On photos shared on the social network of artistic nudes, explaining that although he has been a victim of abuse, it does not define it and that he intended to show others that he can continue and “your skin.” And can feel comfortable with your skin. body”, without defining any phenomenon.