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YosStop: why YouTube closed the accounts of Yosseline and her husband

Yoseline Hoffmannbetter known as YosStopconfirmed to his followers that the video platform of Youtube closed her accounts and those of her husband Gerardo Gonzalez, who had a podcast. The content creator assures that the company did not give them prior notice of the reasons.

“YouTube suddenly deleted them without justification, or any reason; also Gerardo’s and we don’t know why. We have not received a response yet, hopefully this week they will tell us something”, he explained through his social networks.

“We don’t know what happened, but we want YouTube to give us an explanation. If it was because of my legal problem, that already has a long time. Me I no longer have a record and if it had been the case, they would have done it for a long time”, he pointed out.

After a few months in prison following the accusation of Ainara SuarezYosStop had to compulsorily upload what they learned in their gender perspective courses as part of the agreement, where they take lessons from the collective FemXFemIn addition to the donation of 5 percent of your monthly earnings.

YouTube’s response to YosStop

Through a spokesperson, YouTube responded to YosStop’s statements about closing its channels. He claimed the reason was non-compliance with the guidelines.

“I can confirm that we have terminated the YosStop channels for circumvent the restrictions of our Community Guidelines when monetizing a new YouTube account while your participation in the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) was suspended”, reads the statement quoted by El Financiero.

In accordance with the regulations, users must comply with their terms of service, as well as the community guidelines.

“Breaching and violating these rules can effectively mean the removal of all of a creator’s channels or even ccancellation of your account”.

Gerardo González, husband of YosStop; give your version

About, Gerardo Gonzalezhusband of the influencer, denied the information and trusted that in any case his family could not have their own channels for appearing in his videos.

He also said that he handed over his voter identification card to verify your identity as the holderso in this way he ruled out that Yosseline wanted to get rid of some kind of restriction by appearing in his account.

“It’s in my name, they know it’s me. That justification is not valid, it cannot be that, ”she recounted through his stories.

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