Home Entertainment YosStop stays in prison for two more months; extend investigation period

YosStop stays in prison for two more months; extend investigation period

YosStop se queda en el penal dos meses más

A pal of the youtuber assured that the younger girl is having a tough time in jail, however a decide prolonged the interval of investigation in opposition to Yoseline to 2 months.

MEXICO CITY.— This Wednesday, September 1, two extra months for the investigation interval within the case of Yoseline Hoffman, who’s in preventive detention after being reported for him crime of kid pornography.

The lawyer of the youtuber generally known as YosStop famous upon leaving the listening to, that the deadline closed on September 5, however now will probably be till the start of November.

So much proof of us is lacking, of the defense, as of the legal advice of the victim, of venting. They are already offered but since they are opinions they are not yet finished, so a two-month extension was requested for the closing of the term … it is a term in which the investigation continues “, defined the lawyer Ricardo Cajal.

Cajal requested ignore rumors particularly those that say that Yoseline may depart the jail from Santa Marta Acatitla within the coming weeks.

“What is here is what happened today: that there are two more months for the investigation period and as Dr. Claudia Sheinbaum said publicly, jail is not the only option, There are alternative means of solution that are in the law and that establish certain requirements, if as far as possible it is considered viable, one will be able to reach an early exit but if it cannot be, then no, “defined the authorized consultant of the influencer .

Yoseline’s defender added {that a} these early departures could be given at any time earlier than the oral trial, relying on what the legislation establishes. Right now the deadline is principally to supply extra take a look at information.

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Might YosStop attain an settlement?

Refering to chance of an settlement or not with the sufferer, the younger Ainara Suárez, the lawyer commented: “The agreement can be given at any time from today until the oral trial, but it is not that it is an agreement or not, they are called ‘early departures from the process’ and there are several, there are some in which the approval of the victim is needed and others that do not. We are going to analyze the possibility of any of all, “defined Ricardo Cajal.

“In these two months our job is continue to offer tests that we believe will help us in the oral trial for the defense of Yoseline and in parallel we are on the appeal taking the legal course […]“added the lawyer

Lastly, Ricardo reiterated that though “right now there is no agreement, the law allows it and that the possibility exists. ”

The defender denied that Yoseline Hoffman is paying safety inside Santa Martha Acatitla and requested to disregard false data: “That I do not know the place they acquired it from, it is gossip and notes that they simply take out to promote, “he commented.”Yoseline is fine, he is in a reflective stage of his life and he is fine, “stated Ricardo Cajal.

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