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YosStop published a message: “I am deprived of my freedom because of vocabulary”

YosStop published a message:

Mexico City (EL Universal). – This Friday night, yosselin hoffman, known as “Yosestop”, published a message via social network on June 29 after he was arrested for the offense of child pornography.

Youtube spread through his Instagram account instagram stories where she assured that she was deprived of her freedom from vocabulary, not because she was dangerous or guilty.

“I am deprived of my freedom by vocabulary. It’s not because it’s dangerous. Not because it’s crappy. It’s not because he’s guilty”. It is read in a story shared by the social network.

Yosstop Published A Message: &Quot;I Am Deprived Of My Freedom Because Of Vocabulary&Quot; - Light Home News

taken into custody

Yoseline was detained in Mexico City’s Narvarte neighborhood and admitted to the Santa Martha Accatitla Women’s Social Reinvestment Center. The brother of the influencer seeks respect from his mother.

through social networks, Ryan Hoffman, also known as “Ryto” and Yoseline Hoffman’s brother, shared an Instagram Story explaining his absence and asking for understanding, respect and sympathy for his entire family, primarily his mother Marina. To Badui, who is deeply affected by the arrest of his daughter. .

He explained that he has not commented on the matter and is not even allowed to do so as it hinders his sister’s legal process.

He said it has affected him emotionally, but mainly more to his mother. “I want to ask you, she is an elderly lady, I ask you respect and you understand what my family is going through,” he says in the video. And he thanked the samples of support he received for taking this opportunity.

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He was informed by a girl

Last March, the youtuber was condemned for the offense of child pornography and rape against the young woman Anara “S.”

It was released on the Instagram account of the girl, who uploaded what she did to her stories, as well as an image of the legal complaint her team of lawyers submitted against the influencer and five others: Nicholas B, Carlos R, Julian G, Axel A, and Patricio A.

The incidents mentioned in the complaint took place on May 25, 2018, when Ainara, who was 16 years old, went to Axl A’s house to attend a party where alcoholic beverages were consumed. Under this influence, the youths abused the girl by putting a bottle in her vagina.

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Later that night, the youth shared videos on various social networks where they were seen performing the action. The allegation indicates that it had a huge psychological and social impact on the affected girl as she was the victim of bullying and frequent attacks, including a fight which was recorded and uploaded on the internet, which went viral.

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