Home Entertainment YosStop may have right to conjugal visits, points out lawyer

YosStop may have right to conjugal visits, points out lawyer

YosStop may have right to conjugal visits, points out lawyer

A legal expert answered many questions from fans who want to know who can visit youtuber?

Mexico City.- Elliot Welher, The President of Gennoma 420 organized a live broadcast via Instagram answer questions The number of fans and Internet users about the case of Yoseline Hoffman, better known yesstop, who will be two months In Santa Martha Accatitla Prison after being linked to a trial for the offense of child pornography.

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Who can visit Yosestop?

One of the most asked questions, according to legal experts youtuber caseWhat will happen to him now that he has to spend time in jail? After this tip, the lawyer decided to explain some questions.

“In Jail” they give you some family passes, there are a number of rules that must be followed in order to allow you to view it day of visit. is three days; Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays including Sundays,” explained the legal representative.

The President of Gennoma 420 specified that To meet a limited person, family members should request and Complete the “Application” Authorization of relatives and/or friends of persons deprived of liberty in federal penitentiary centers (CEPEFES).

Documents to be submitted include birth certificate, child-sized color photographs, proof of address, current official identification, personal reference letter among other papers.

Upon meeting all requested requirements, they must send them to the Social Work Area of ​​the Federal Penitentiary Center where the person deprived of liberty wishing to travel is located and awaits a response from the institution

elliot also indicated that Yoselin may have the right to conjugal visits, well, although she is not married, she lives under the figure of live together with his partner for many years.

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