Home Entertainment YosStop incited a trans girl to take her own life: Caeli

YosStop incited a trans girl to take her own life: Caeli

La chica trans víctima de YosStop

YosStop allegedly did cyberbullying against the young woman which led to her death.

MEXICO CITY.— A new sign drops on youtuber yesstop. Now that’s also the content creator Patricia calyc Santollalla López, known as calyc, which revealed that not only he faced cyberbullying By Yoseline Hoffman, also a trans girl Unfortunately He took his own life.

in one video, Callie assures that ‘Yos’ will cause Mika Lascurain, A trans woman has taken her own life as a result of frequent cyber attacks by an alleged perpetrator of the offense of child pornography.

YosStop’s cyberbullying hurt her so much

Mika Lascurain, Known as “La Reina de los Mochis”, he was an influential figure in Sinaloa, who later Video YosStop became more popular and became the target of ridicule and criticism, which prompted her to end her life.

This was after the recording of the title “What a strange old lady” In which ‘Yos’ disqualified the trans girl in many ways. In the same audiovisual, Gerardo González’s girlfriend is also heard saying that she does not know whether the young woman has a disease. yosselin hoffman Racist remarks were also made against him mika laskuraini.

a very strange girlI don’t understand what I asked The strange thing about this old lady is her face, That’s right pinch weird, I don’t know if he has any disease or not it just came out very pinch *weird, it looks like plastic, like they made a face on it, it looks weird, looks like version of “And where are the blondes”, but in a brunette, you know? “YosStop detailed looking at Micah.

How did the trans girl attacked by YosStop die?

Local media reported that “La Reina de los Mochis” died on July 13, 2020, but did not give details of the cause of his death. However, after his death was confirmed, friends and followers thought that he must have taken his own life for Persistent aggression and teasing who suffers in the virtual world.

It was also said that girl suffering from depression There was so much notoriety after the exposure that Yoss made his own image.

It should be noted that The video “What a strange old lady” was removed from Yoseline’s YouTube channel, but it was “retrieved” and spread to other accounts.