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YosStop denies Pati Chapoy How much do you really charge per interview? (Video)

YosStop niega cobrar un millón

After the journalist revealed that YosStop charges a million per interview, the Youtuber denied this.

MEXICO CITY – YosStop left Santa Martha Acatitla Prison on November 30, after serving five months in prison after death complaint by Ainara Suárez, who was raped as a minor and that the Video of his abuse was spread by the Youtuber.

After gaining his freedom, several media outlets allegedly wanted the first interview the influencer too, that’s it Pati Chapoy assured that YosStop I charged a million pesos for his first statement for which the Ventaneando program refused to pay that amount.

Now, YosStop in an interview with the Youtuber Roberto Martinez denied what the journalist had said and even assured that no media had reached out to her for an interview.

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YosStop clarifies whether it charges a million pesos per interview

It was named on the YouTube show Creative in which Yoseline Hoffmann after a lecture in which various topics were discussed, Roberto Martinez asked if some media they had tried to contact. The content creator affirmed that no and highlighted this Misinformation “is a cannon, Well, they keep getting things that aren’t true. ”

No how… What often happened was that They have replicated news and misinformation is rampant… Every now and then they came up with things that didn’t apply to my case, to this day they keep coming up with things that are not true, I don’t know why they sometimes like to invent, “said Yoss.

About which fees a Millions of pesos per interview stated that she never responded to any media. However, YosStop mentioned that it was not affected by such rumors.

“The last thing they got out of me is this I asked for a million for interviews and me I’ve never answered a single show medium of shows, nor of tabloids, I never answered him. I mean, I don’t care, it doesn’t concern me. But why do you do that, nothing happens, of everything you have said, that is the least important to me, ”Yoseline emphasized.

Pati Chapoy confirmed that Yoss had asked for a million pesos

Just a few days from YosStop get his freedom, Rosario Murrieta, Head of information for “Ventaneando” commented on the full live broadcast Yosseline’s PR agent had contacted her Per Offer them an interview the program had to Pay “a very large sum of money”.

For his part, Pati-Chapoy He confirmed what Rosario Murrieta had “revealed”, adding that there would be other funds that would pay for it, but they would not pay.

“We are talking about a very strong amount, they asked for $ 50,000 (one million pesos, approximately) for an interview, it is a barbarism! if an interview takes place in a different way that they paid for, well, someone wanted pay, but we don’t pay“, Explained the driver on this occasion.

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