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“Yosestop is falling victim to the imitation of justice”: Girlfriend voices

Novio de YosStop

The man assured that for ten words that his girlfriend said that he would be in jail, but that he was not properly applying justice.

Mexico City.— Once again Gerardo Gonzalez, passionate couple yosselin hoffmanRaise your voice for the influential person and make sure he being hunted To practice justice.

Explain why Yass is a victim of disguised justice

In the video that Gonzalez shared, he clarified that yesstop, known as the influencer, face a two-way judgment This time, legal and media.

Of earlier assures, this was given by an unconstitutional interpretation of Article 187 of the Penal Code of Mexico City, which only 10 words considered a very serious offense.

“With an explanation that disguises legitimacy, this precautionary measure preventive prison, one who keeps Yass denied his liberty for 10 words, and is at the same time disguise of justice, but it’s nothing more than a simulation” details the influencer’s lover.

The other litigation he is facing is the media, for what he said And that’s not why he’s in prison, Gerardo said.

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Wait for the building of an influential union

It also agreed on the need to regulate the information shared by creators of digital content, which is why it is considered necessary Influencers form a union, in which they can know their rights and responsibilities.

in mexisco In particular, we must pay close attention and Re-educate yourself in everyday language That we use people, media, influencers, politicians, lawyers, so that we don’t make the same mistakes that undermine human rights, and especially women’s rights,” said the man.

Finally remarked that for a long time Multiple communication errors have been allowed, This has led to discrimination, which can no longer be allowed.

This is not the first time Gerardo Gonzalez plays the spokesman for the influential, Since he was arrested on 30 June, either by stating that message that youtuber He orders from jail or releases such videos.

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