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Yordi Rosado uncovered that by rating he almost lost his arms and legs: “You shouldn’t be scared”

With “At night” Yordi seeks to talk about a variety of topics: from psychology, trades to party nights (Photo: Televisa)

Yordi Rosado is one of the most popular figures in the media in Mexico today, because in addition to his famous YouTube channel, where he appears chatting with celebrities, who have even entrusted him with intimate episodes of their livesthe presenter is in front of other spaces.

And it is that in addition to his radio program, where every day he plays topics of interest aimed at a young audience, and the podcast What do you do next to Martha Higaredathe driver has his own variety show on the channel unicable, At nightwhere he also interviews celebrities and performs dynamics, in addition to also having his facet as an entrepreneur.

It was on this channel’s signal that Rosado recently appeared as a guest on the program members on airwhere recalled one of the incidents he experienced several years ago when he was part of the remembered program Another rollnext to his unconditional friend Adal Ramones.

Yordi told the presenters of the program, which is characterized by showing a male perspective on different topics, that in the famous program in which he participated he served as a “bullet man” in one of the broadcasts, dangerous circus job for which he was at risk of losing his upper and lower limbs.

“In Another roll we did an impressive amount of stupid things, and the truth was the adrenaline that we liked, because Both Adal and I were very adventurous and worried about the ratingbecause the painting makes you do impressive things in front of a camera”, began the 50-year-old man before the expectant gaze of his interlocutors.

Said activity was about a circus acrobatic, in which Yordi Rosad was going to be shot out of a cannon at high speed: “The coach, a super athletic Cuban, told me: ‘You have to be very careful how you put the force in your legs because if you do it like that (he showed the position) you take your knees. And you have to keep your hands up and you shouldn’t be scared, because if he hits you, you take your arms with you”.

The program was very popular in the 90s and part of the 2000s (Photo: Univision)
The program was very popular in the 90s and part of the 2000s (Photo: Univision)

Yordi remembered that the barrel blade was already very worn, and could only fly out of the artifact in an acrobatic act, so he had no choice but to continue the dynamic on the air. It was then that the presenter decided to shoot out at a distance of 15 meters, this with the aim of making the shot “look good” and appreciate it in all its frame dimensions.

“He tells me: how many meters do you want to fly?’, and since we were the producers, well, we wanted it to look good, and I say: ‘how much do you fly?’, he tells me: ’20 meters. I can put it in 10, 15 or 20 ‘. And I say: ‘Give me 15′. Then he tells me: ‘He’s cabr * n, it took me 3 months to reach 15″ he recalled.

Rosado recalled that the peculiar experience was somewhat traumatic for him, because from one moment to the next and without time for further preparation, his body had already been propelled at great speed by the steel cannon.

The 50-year-old producer stays close to youth audiences (Photo: Televisa)
The 50-year-old producer stays close to youth audiences (Photo: Televisa)

When you go out, although it seems small, the tube is very long; then, for three seconds I think or two and a half, you see everything closed and suddenly you go out into the air and you feel like shit * because your body has no idea what happened”, He commented on the memorable experience.

After seeing the astonished faces of his other classmates, the also writer of motivational books for teenagers, remembered that in the end they achieved their goal, which was to get high points of ratingnevertheless, He recognized that never in his life would he perform an acrobatic again of that magnitude.


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