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Yordi Rosado tells how he started his interviews on YouTube: “I wanted to do something emotional”

Yordi Rosado has gained much notoriety in recent months for the interviews that he shares on Sundays on his YouTube channel, that are distinguished by being very emotional and even addressing issues that their interviewees rarely talk about. But how did this project start?

The driver himself revealed it in a video that he uploaded to the platform last week: “The project started a long time ago because I had been thinking for several years that I wanted to do something close, emotional, I am a sensitive person and I like to talk with people,” said Yordi.

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“Yordi, during all the formats that we have done on both Unicable, Televisa and radio, has distinguished himself for being a great conversationalist, a great talker, and the common denominator of the previous programs was that he always lacked time. (…) When we did This canyon there was a moment when we changed the format a bit and there was a long block that was an interview, which not only did Yordi like but people began to like it, however they were 20-25 minute interviews because there was no time for more,” he added. Manolo Fernández, associate producer.

The driver pointed out that “time went by and at some point I told one of the executives that I wanted to do one-on-one interviews, but to be honest, I didn’t think that was the channel I needed to be able to get out that emotional part that seemed important to me. Suddenly one day an executive, Raquel Rocha, spoke to me and said: ‘Do you remember the program you told me about interviews? It’s time to do it.’”

Regarding the forerunner of this interview format on YouTube, Manolo recalled that “Many years ago we did a program with Pandora called Pandora without breathalyzer, and in that program things came out that they had never said in any interview. I think that format that we did within This canyon he is the grandfather and precursor of this”.

Also, the former member of Another roll He remembered that he had a program on Unicable, The last one and we leave, where he was able to do more emotional interviews, although this project was very brief: “In the middle of this, the pandemic is crossing and it turns out that we were one of the programs that had to end. It was tremendous because, first, it was a job; second, in the pandemic we were very worried; and third, what hurt us the most was that we loved the project and it was working very well, it was the highest rating on the channel. It was very difficult to understand why he had to leave, but companies are businesses and business is cold.”.

After the end of this broadcast, Yordi had the idea of ​​venturing into YouTube: “We don’t have money, we don’t know how to make money on the internet, we don’t know how to make this work, we don’t know YouTube and Facebook that much, but we have all the desire , the whole team, and we own our project. Who wants to come in? There will be no payment, there will be no money until we get it to start coming in. We promise not to charge a single peso until the others charge”, was what the driver told his team.

They all agreed to temporarily sacrifice money to get the project started: “The first interview was from Kalimba. (…) From there the rest is history and luckily after 4 months we were able to start charging, but more importantly we were able to sustain something that we loved”Yordi recalled.


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