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Yordi Rosado revealed the truth about when Adal Ramones was beaten by a poet in ‘Otro Rollo’

Yordi Rosado revealed what happened when a poet hit Adal Ramones in ‘Otro Rollo’ (Photo: Univisión/YouTube/@TeleBasura)

Throughout the history of mexican television there have been different moments that have become events that have marked the public for their spontaneity and extravagance, among these is when a poet hit Adal Ramones in the successful program Televisa, Another Roll,

Another roll was one of the comedy and variety shows of Televisa that in the 2000s conquered Mexico and even some Latin American countries, however, came to an end and with it the beginning of the individual careers of its two star presenters, Adal Ramones Y Yordi Rosado.

On more than one occasion, both drivers have delved into what they experienced inside and outside cameras Another rollunder this context, during a conversation for the podcast, The Lost Controlthe now driver of The interview with Yordi Rosado, was questioned about the occasion in which Adal Ramones was hit by a poet with a vase after the presenter made fun of his work.

At the time, this fact caused great commotion and amusement to Mexican audiences, however, not everything was what was rumored at the time, because Yordi Rosado explained that everything was planned within the productionn, but neither of the two stellar presenters was notified.

That was false. The idea came from Memo del Bosque, producer of Telehithe was the first to propose it, but in that same program we said that it had been a lie, that the guy was a double, the vase was made of sugar and the poem had been written by me”stressed the renowned 50-year-old presenter.

"Otro Rollo" stopped airing in May 2007
“Otro Rollo” stopped airing in May 2007

“All the paraphernalia of the video that we made him saying that he had won an award in Switzerland, all that was a friend of mine that her dad had an incredible library; I went, I recorded it, I wrote all the text to give it credibility and on the table, if you see the video, we put blood capsules for when Adal bent down, put them in his mouth”, added the also producer.

The alleged attack against Adal Ramones at the time became a topic of conversation in the traditional media and although it was said in the same program that it had been false, Yordi recalled that no one from the production knew about it, which gave it a highly realistic effect that was transmitted to the viewer.

“The master move, I think of that idea, was that we never told anyone from the production, it was something super that gave it the spark, yes because the one in the cabin put the color bars later, The people got scared, the security guys came in and threw him away. It was all very real”, concluded Yordi Rosado.

The program was very popular in the 2000s (Photo: Univision)
The program was very popular in the 2000s (Photo: Univision)

On the other hand, in mid-June the well-known television presenter, announcer and producer was invited to the YouTube, El Frasco Mxhosted by Mau Nieto and Román Torres, where he explained that Another roll was not only successful creatively and in terms of audiences, but also in the economic field.

it wasn’t that badI won like 140 thousand pesos monthlyI did not start winning that, it was little by little, but it was more or less what I earned, ”confessed Yordi Rosado at the time on the program causing great controversy on social networks for pointing out that the budget that the production was not so bad had for him.


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